10 great vertical garden ideas

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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An indoor vertical garden

Do you often wake up from a dream that takes you far into the world of fantasies? A dream that pushes you deep down into an exotic jungle with herbs, shrubs, bushes and ingenuous plants cascading along the waterfall that caves in what appears like a lake. 

Well, the dream repeats itself despite being ignored a couple of times. Seems like you need to materialize it any way. Nature connoisseurs or freaks (as you would like to call them), would just do anything to incorporate the greenery in their decor. It is not just about placing some planters here and there. The idea is to bring the nature indoors in such a way that your dream of living amid a forest seems to take shape. 

Indoor vertical gardens have become popular of late, thanks to their aesthetics and botanical energy they induce in. Vertical plants  not just bring to life every other element in your house, but also makes way for a healthy living. And believe this- it looks no less than  a mini-jungle. However, the last part hugely depends on how stuffed your walls are. 

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How to realize the concept? 

There are two ways in which you can cling the plants to your wall- 

1. Using frames that holds the soil-  The frames come with a growing medium and an inbuilt water system. Just root the plants deep down into the soil/soil substitute.

2. Using living walls that facilitate hydroponics- There are walls that can house plants without soil. Some living walls feature inbuilt irrigation system. 


A homemade hydroponic wall ; Source: www.marklaurence.com

Scroll down the article and check out ten most happening vertical garden ideas of all time.

1. Make your living room a jungle of your dreams: Well, if the old dream is being replayed in your memory all the time and you can't get over it, it seems like the time has come to materialize it. Get the hydroponic walls all over your living room and plant the green herbs all over, except for some places where you can house in few flowering plants. To make sure that the setting seems like a place deep down the woods, don't mind planting in some bushes. You can complement the decor with plain wooden furniture veneered in dark shades.  

Living Room Jungle; Image Source: www.olpos.com

2Let the climbers cascade down your bedpost: To make way for a creepy bedroom setting( of course on a purpose), find a bedpost that takes in climbers. Have you ever stumbled upon anything as spine-tingling as this- Waking up every morning to see the climbers creep from behind while you are still half asleep?  However, if your headboard is not big enough, try this setting. 

Planted headboard; Image Source:www.ikea.com

3. Let your Jacuzzi imitates a countryside lake:Install the vertical garden right on the wall where your Jacuzzi rests. To make the view more phenomenal, install the taps at a height from where water cataracts like a waterfall. Moreover,the greenery on either side of the tap would impart a more natural feel that takes you near the countryside lake.

gardn.jpg Image Source:www.archinspire.org  

4. A waterfall paradise: You can create the waterfall paradise even in your own living room. Get two wooden boards big enough to house sufficient plants and bind them to the walls leaving a little space in between, from where a small tabletop waterfall, placed on a raised table can steal the show.Create your own like one in the picture below. 

Image Source: www.busydoor.com

5. Hugging the entryways: If you have enormous entry gates, make sure that the material used is hydroponic, which would in turn cling the crawling plants to itself. Try decorating the door your own way.Here is an example. 

Image Source: www.thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com

6. Plummeting down the ceiling: Alternatively, you can create a vertical garden drooping down the ceiling. All you need is a hydroponic ceiling that facilitates the growth.

add gardn.jpg Image Source: www.squarestate.net 

7. Slithering down the staircase: How about a creeper plant slithering down the staircase railings? For this setting, you need a concrete hydroponic railing. However, the other option is to run the fertile wooden strip all along the railing that can house the bushes and herbs. And don't forget to equip planters on every single step. 


8. A neat trimmed display board:The other option is to creating a green plant bed dotted evenly with trimmed grass/shrubs. This setting can be materialized on a wooden board with soil or without soil(hydroponic).  

Image Source: www.inhabitat.com

9. Your balcony: If you want more of the natural feel, consider your balcony. Apart from planters that stands tall, embellish your walls with excess of climbers and creepers. The best part- Your vertical garden would receive its share of sunshine. 

Image Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com

10. Open cabinets: Lastly, if you have open cabinet with enough shelves, use the shelves as planters. Fill them up with enough soil and sow in enough flowering plants in order to spruce up your living room decor. 

Image Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Now, its your call. Pick up the best and turn your interiors into the forest of your dreams. Now,you are just a few steps away from having your own 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon.' 

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