10 hidden lighting ideas

Home Lighting Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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Recessed Light

Lights are gifted with a spectacular feature- they have the ability to tweak their brightness in diverse range of intensities and every particular intensity imparts a phenomenal ambiance to the aura. There was a time when the brightest was the exquisite. But the mystery began to unfold when various intensities of lights were put to experiment and every single grade of light seem to leave a distinguished feel in the aura. 

Then the concept of hidden lighting emerged. The lighting fixtures went deep down the surface that became the actual source of the light. The beams became subtle yet continued to transfix the moods of one and all. And this concept is being followed extensively in modern homes. 

Well, there are number of ways in which you can install hidden lights to create a dramatic effect. Here are ten best picks recommended by some of the best design professionals from India. 

Images20131004050147_Muncheez 02.jpg Space designed by: Ajanesh Goyal 

Light up the ceiling: Use of ceiling lights is emerging out to be one of the major hit decor tactics. Replace your pendant lamps and chandeliers with recessed lights if you are really going down to adopt minimalist style. Install a runway of lights bordering the ceiling or just trace a belt around the chandelier. 

Images20130907092835_guest room 1.JPG Space designed by: Shahen Mistry 

On the bed headboard : Bewitch your bedroom with the subtle recessed beams. Embed the tiny LEDs somewhere on your headboard or use them as a belt that outlines the headboard. 

Source: http://www.homedit.com/  

In the wardrobe: Well, you will never have difficulty looking for your ensembles shoved deep down the wardrobe if your wardrobe is equipped with effective lighting fixtures. Why need a fixture? The recessed lights would do. 

nikita 10.jpg Image Source: http://archinspire.org/  

Hide them underneath the walls : Make your own sparkling wallpaper by fixing the recessed lights under the skin of your walls.

Images20130909085218_living room 1.JPG Space designed by:Shahen Mistry

Lining the shelves/bookshelves : These lights can be fixed almost anywhere thanks to energy saving LED lamps contained within. Line them along each shelf so as to highlight the decor of shelf/cabinet. 

ajay.jpg Space Designed by: Iqbal Azam

Embedded in the wood : Uncover your decor horizons. Embed tiny recessed lamps under the skin of a wooden panel like this if you have one in your house.


<section class="article-caption>Images20130927054355_z3 Childrens Room Bathroom.jpg Space Designed by: Amit Walavalkar 


In the shower space : Illuminate your shower space with the muted light like this. You can bet your bottom dollar, this is far effective and energy saving than incandescent lighting fixtures available in the market. 

Images20130927054524_z5 Master Bedroom.jpg Space designed by: Amit Walavalkar 

Above the curtains: Install recessed lights lining the curtain rod such that the beams work their way till the hem of the curtains just to embellish the look.

Images_O131010053026_RPP_9726 copy.jpg Space designed by: Sonali Shah

Lining the bed: If you are looking for something out-of-the-box, try this setting. The light pipe runs round the edges of your bed as if pretending to shield you from supernatural powers. 

Images131010052415_malviya road 2nd page 3 colum 2 image copy.jpg

Images131010052415_malviya road 2nd page 3 colum 2 image copy.jpg
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/> Space designed by: Sonali Shah

Lining the furniture : Similarly, highlight your table, chair or any other furniture as done in the picture. 

Circle of Light Ceiling Lighting Spots
3 Light LED Spot Light
Plane Light
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