10 Inexpensive Decor Tips for Home Club / Party Room

Low Cost Decor Ideas Dated:  Feb. 26, 2014
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Having a special club style arrangement or party space in your home is something that you can look forward when you feel like unwinding after a long tiring day or want to celebrate good times with your family or pals. Whether you wish to indulge in intoxicating pleasures, hit the dance floor or simply try your luck at the pool table, a home club can fulfill all your private and professional party needs. It isn’t really necessary to take the lavish décor route for your home club. We at Zingy Homes bring you easy, simple and thrifty décor tips that will set your home club rocking for a party.

1.  Give your club room a breathing space. Keep the furniture and rest of the décor to the minimum. This way, you can also accommodate even a large number of guests on your party list.

2.    Party rooms are often prone to spills and other mess. Hence, avoid carpeting your floor. Instead you can buy a rug that can be folded or unfolded easily as per your party requirements.

3.    A club room is often used for daily living too. So, invest in transitional or multipurpose pieces of furniture. A cardboard table and chair or sofa set is an eco-friendly, penny saving and durable alternative to the conventional furniture. What is more, you can easily assemble or dissemble it as per your convenience and needs.

4.    Convert your bookshelf or closet into a bar cabinet! You can display books, artifacts, liquor bottles and other barware in one go. Or how about using your old TV set as a bar? 

5.    In case your home club is space constrained for a bar cabinet, then arrange your bar essentials in a bamboo or wicker basket and place it on the serving table along with fresh flower decorations on either side.

6.    Ever heard of portable dancing floors? Yep, they are the most happening thing on home parties’ circuit. And you can even take them outdoors! A marley flooring (also called matlay) is available in vinyl sheet rolls and suitable for all dance types. All you have to do is to roll them out like a carpet when you wear your dancing shoes and roll them back when not in use. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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7.    A night party without lights is unimaginable. While disco and glow lights are the most popular to set the mood for the party, you also need to consider the practical aspects of living as you would be using them for your home. We would recommend ditching the usual eye piecing lights and instead opt for greener and cheaper alternatives tea-light holders, solar lights or paper lanterns. You can play around with your fairy lights to create a fabulous illuminated party room.

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8.    But still in case, if you are looking for the dazzling or multi-colour lighting for your home club, UV lights, colour changing egg or rainbow orb balls can be quite affordable options too.

9.    For a day party, potted plants and flowers can be placed in various corners of the club room to bring tranquility. You can pick them up from your garden or request your neighbor to lend you a few pots. 

10.    Unless you already have a high tech home theatre or audio set up at home, it isn’t sensible to buy one exclusively for your home club. You can instead shift your television or music system from your living room for the party and use good quality speakers along with it. When the party is over, move it back to its original place.

Time to invite your buddies for a party! 

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