Kids Room Interior: 10 innovative decor ideas

Kids Room Interior Design Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Room Designed by: Shahen Mistry

You may have several types of rooms in your home, but this is obvious that you give special attention to your kids' room. The design and the style of the room depends upon the gender of your kids. The space in the house is also a considerable factor. Some people would love to decorate their kids room with a variety of colors and with modern accessories; such type of room plays an important role in shaping your kids growth & development. A child being young, owns an expansive and vibrant energy into their heart and they need an open and wide space to bloom. So go ahead use the following ideas to set up a beautiful room for your kid(s).

  1. Being a parent you need to preach the art of being organized . Kids are often found cluttering up the entire room in no time. So have a proper placement of things, try keeping things at their height .Give an easy access for racks and closet storage such that your kids makes it a habit of keeping things in proper place . 
  2. Choose a  proper color for your childas room, color plays an important role in attracting people.You can also apply an additive to your paint such that it glows in the dark. Use your ideas and creativity to make the room appear more attractive. Paint some stars along with the moon to give the room a heavenly look.  
  3. Try creating a picture gallery on the walls of your kidas room. Let your child meander through the wonders of great artistic work; this would probably help them to open up their mind. 
  4. Furniture choice is also very important. Do not have very large size furniture in this particular room. Try installing flexible furnishings.
  5. The bed is the key factor the room. If your child is a 6 year old boy  you can install a bed shaped like a cool racing car or the F1's Ferrari. However you need to change the pattern of the bed as soon as your kids steps up to the age of 13 or 14.
  6. Set up proper windows and ventilators to welcome fresh air. Fresh air is not only good for your kids' health, indeed it  fetches a pleasant and calm environment.
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  8. Teach your child the habit of keeping  books in a visible and easily reachable area. Do not  have a big book shelf in the room. Make things simple for your kid, a table is enough to keep books for your child. 
  9. Lighten up the room with multiple color lamps/lights. A reading lamp is also very necessary.
  10. If you have enough space in your kids' room then create some floor space just to have  fun. Make them  use  this place to finish up their  homework after school.
  11. Last but not the least install a dustbin or paper bin such that your kid makes a habit of throwing waste into the proper place. 

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