10 Must-have gadgets for your home

Home Gadgets Dated:  Feb. 17, 2014
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Bought that ultra-swanky apartment that you love? Debating which appliances to invest in and which would be a complete waste? Stress not! We at ZingyHomes give you some comprehensive ideas about which gizmos would make your life not only easier, but better.

1. First thing first-Safety! Safety is the first thing one need to care about.Hence, ensure that you have CCTV cameras installed near the entrance door or at other places.You must consider Security doors.

2. Are you a couch potato? Automate things! Go for automatic door/window sensors. Once you have these integrated in your doors/windows,you never need to get up from the couch in the middle of  your favorite TV show!

3. Control your lights! Automatic Control Light Switches are practical and handy, especially in hallways or staircases.At least you can save your heads from tapping the switches on/off all the time and also save electricity in a better way!

4. Too much to do in the kitchen, too less time? Please invest in a classic food processor. Knead your attadough, slice up your vegetables, purée, chop and shred. All your pre-cooking time gets divided in less than half, adds to your productivity and subtracts some sweat and angry tears! Could you ask for anything more? 

5. Smell the coffee beans: Late? Have hardly enough time to tumble out of bed and smoothen out your hair before you start another day? Invest in a coffee maker. Flick some buttons and get that fresh caffeine indulgence each morning without much ado! 

6. “Bhabhi, kalnaiaayengey”: Sick of the maid bailing out on you more often than not? It is probably time to stop depending on her for the sink full of utensils. Our urban lifestyle leaves less and less time for fretting. Make a rash decision and invest in a dishwasher. You won’t regret it. Ever! 

7. Can I hear music? Music can be really dull, or be really

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depending on how you decide to play it. Investing in a docking station could mean that you blast the playlist on your iPod or that high-end cell phone, around the house. A docking station helps you play your favourite music aloud without having to invest in a separate music system, and comes in really handy.

8. Rock your movie nights: This is really stating the obvious, but Friday nights with your family, watching your favourite movie is way more fun with a kickass home theatre system, than without. My personal suggestion would be to go with Bose. They are worth every penny, trust me!

9. Irritated with milk falling out of your vessel while heating? Does heating water over the gas leave you peeved? Buy an Electric Kettle with a concealed heating element and you’re good to go! Water, milk, instant noodles, you name it! Cleaning up the concealed kettles is easy too. 

10.Forget chilly winters and hot summers- Get the Control of surrounding temperature! With a temperature control gadget installed in your house, you can enjoy every season the way you like. 

In today’s day and age, appliances aren’t a luxury we

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do without. Choose your electrical helpers wisely and say hello to comfort!

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