10 Super decor ideas for a basement office

Basement Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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Working from home can be a great treat and an amazing experience if you have a well decorated office. A basement when designed properly will not only offer you an extra living space for many purposes but also will add an extra segment to your lifestyle. Following are some ideas which you can use as a stepping stone on your way to set  up a beautiful basement office.

  1. The very first thing that should strike you while designing a basement office is certainly the color of it. Since a basement is located underground, the insufficient light makes the room even  more darker. So it is always better to paint the walls of the room in bright colors, preferably white. Avoid using dark colors like black, brown, etc.
  2. The next very important thing is a good collection of Chairs. An office cannot be without chairs, and yea while talking about an executive office chair, the best one would definitely be 'ergonomic'. It is very important to invest on some good chairs as because you know people in your office will probably be sitting in their chairs for at least 7 to eight hours in a day. So use this fact and bring in the style and aroma of some cool collection of chairs. 
  3. You should be aware of the space in your office, so a low built-in cabinet with lots of drawers is a good choice, perhaps this can create the illusion of more space in your office.
  4. Paintings, can add warmth and personality to your office. The presence of an artistic work or any painting that implies a taste of success, will instantly make a visitor feel comfortable and will give him a sense of relaxation that will eventually help  either side to develop a better business relationship.
  5. Proper lightingyour basement office is an absolute necessity. You can go for a variety of lighting fixtures from modern  to traditional and to the Vintage collections. 
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  7. Have a cool reception desk. It is very important to have a beautifully designed reception desk, as it can add style to your office. It's not always a speaker who conveys the message, sometimes your gadgets or your furniture speaks the tone of your personality, so let your reception desk effortlessly convey the values of your company. 
  8. Your office may not have any window views so try bringing in nature, be it in an artificial manner. You can add artwork that includes natural sceneries.
  9. Being located underground a basement is often found to be damp or wet. Make sure there is no dampness in and around the environment. You can install room heaters if necessary to keep the office warm. 
  10. A restroom is also important in an office, this room will give you a break from your computer or your desk. You can install a TV set or a music system in this room to relax for a couple of minutes. This will help you to give a fresh start every time. 
  11. can have a bulletin board or a message board in your office to display achievements and information, such type of creative work will always encourage the employees to work harder and with great enthusiasm.  
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The above ideas can help you in setting up a basement office, however it is good if we consider "Vastu or Feng Shui" principles, for it will ascertain sure growth and success. 

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