10 things to pick up from Dilli Haat to decorate your room

Ethnic Decor Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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A still from Dilli Haat market Img Src: mstourandtravel.com

Six acres of land in South Delhi, right opposite to the INA market has been extensively put to use by the joint efforts of Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC).If you had no idea whether a place like this ever existed in Delhi, you must be glad reading this. You just found one stop destination to various assortments of real Indian handicrafts- all one-of-a-kind, each fabricated in its own style. Well , if any day you envisage on adding a traditional touch to your interiors, you don't have to run across the country to search for the original pieces. You will find it all at one place-under one roof! 

Dilli Haat is open all 6 days a week but the Mondays. However, Sunday is a perfect day to put your worries up in the air and go shopping. Well, the place seems to be brimming with crowd on the weekends but if you are a smart shopper, you have a way to go. There are about 62 stalls in one place and the best part- the price is quite reasonable and you can actually apply your bargaining tactics.  

One of the most striking aspect about Dilli Haat is diversity. The stalls would not disappoint you or bore you as those in the local downtown markets do. As far as the decor aspects are concerned, each stall is a mirror to the respective region's art and culture. Walk straight from the entrance and go down the line to take a tour of each stall. Here, check out 10 must-have decor essentials from Dilli Haat. 


1.Lavish carpets: Walking down the paved path that leads inside, carpets are one of the first things you would notice. There are rugs of all kinds in various assortments of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. And the best part- The rates keep on falling once you start negotiating!

A carpet vendor waiting for his customers; Img Src: www.tripadvisor.com


2.Oriental lamps and decoration balls: Stroll past a couple of stalls and keep looking sideways. You will be mesmerized to see what lies on the left- A cluster of oriental lamps dangling down what appears to be a roof like structure. These lamps come in vibrant combination of colors, each featuring a unique design. Apart from lamps, there are decorative balls with same designs embosses upon. Grab as many as you like.

  Oriental lamps; Img Src: www.indian-holiday-pvt-ltd.blogspot.com
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3.Brass figurines and centerpieces: Those enormous centerpieces are conspicuous from a distant as you walk past the stalls leading to Madhya Pradesh stall. The rims of vases and other centerpieces are marked with  intricate brass carving - a true reflection of skilled Indian craftsmen. Apart from vases, there are brass figurines from ancient India. 

Brass Figurines; Img Src: www.picturejockey.com


4.Bamboo/Cane Furniture/Handicrafts: This is one of the reason why visitors from different parts of the India and world fly off to the place. Bamboo work is an expertise of skilled artisans from different parts of North East India. Do pick up cane chairs, tables or ottomans from this stall. Besides these, you can also ask for cane woven baskets and mats. 

Handicrafts from Assam; Img Src: www.tikulicious.wordpress.com


5.Rosewood and Sandalwood carvings: Rarest of its kind, rosewood and sandalwood carved accents would impart an ethnic touch to your interiors. Potteries and vases feature the carvings in a psychedelic blend of colors. Moreover, you can even find the work chiseled on furniture like ottomans and stools. Don't forget to grab one or more decor accessory with wooden work.

Carved Pottery; Image Source: www.tikulicious.wordpress.com


6.Traditional draperies: Where else would you find draperies that impart a rich and colorful tone to your monotonous interiors? Dilli Haat stalls feature the authentic fabric straight from West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Pick up what you think would blend with your decor.

Beaded Curtains; Img Src: www.charmine-myfavorites.blogspot.com


7. Bedsheets and bed covers: Striding past a couple of inside stalls, you would bump into bed sheets and bed covers in a plethora of colors. Most of them are hand-loomed and rarest of their kind. Grab one or more for your bedroom depending on the patterns and designs you like. 

Ethnic bedsheets; Img Source: www.johnluth.blogspot.com


8.Ethnic Paintings: If you are looking for a traditional artwork which is window to the ancient world, your search successfully ends at Dilli Haat. Most of the paintings portray ancient civilizations while others depict the idols of deities and famous personalities. If you are fond of art, pick up a couple of paintings to rekindle your living room walls. 

The Tanjores; Img Src: www.catbirdinindia.wordpress.com


9.Hand made clay pottery: There are stalls at Dilli Haat where you can pick up the original handmade clay pottery that you have been dreaming of since a while. The colorful artwork embossed on the potteries are mirror to Indian culture and civilization. Well, if ethnic decor theme is a serious affair, then you would definitely don't mind buying 3-4 at a time.

Img Src: www.commons.wikimedia.org


10. Artistic mirrors: Well, shopping is never over for a decor enthusiast. Have you been procrastinating about the idea of decorating the wall with mirrors, that has been put to hold since you haven't find anything relevant until the time? You will find all sorts of antique mirrors here- the ones with intricately designed frames. Take home as many as you like. Artistic mirrors are really to find these days. 

Apart from the above mentioned stuff, there is a lot more to explore. A decor connoisseur never gets enough of it. You are free to revisit the place as many times as you want and eventually paint your home in true colors of India. 

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