10 tips to maximize space

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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Use mirrored walls to create an illusion of space!

It is always a challenge to live in a small space area, but with a few good tips and some creative ideas, even the smallest living space can be turned into a perfect home for living. Interior Designers have always taken up this challenge and proved it with their creative works. Small space design ideas are those ideas which can give you the maximum utility of every nook and corner of your home.

Here we have gathered some of the most useful tips to get you the maximum out of any small size area.

  1. Hang up your drapery or curtains very near to the ceiling, this will give your room a spectacular vision and illusion of height.
  2. Since you have a limited space in your home, make use of every available space. If you have an open area under the stairs, use this area to set up tables such that you can use it like a home office.
  3. Install folding and portable furniture. A two-in-one furniture can give a unique style to your room thereby making the space limitations just a bit more comfortable.
  4. Avoid having a collection of multiple smaller pieces of furniture, instead go for a bulky or a bigger set of furniture. It can actually make the room look larger.
  5. Consider having a raised bed frame such that you can make use of the spaces available underneath your bed, which means now you can have a store room under every set of bed you have in your home. 
  6. If you have a coffee table in your home, a footrest underneath your coffee table would be an added bonus area to store things .
  7. Any house or room will look larger if it is a brightly lit room. If the natural light is insufficient to brighten up your room
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    can use artificial lamps/lights.
  8. Install as many windows you possibly can to allow the outside light to enter.
  9. Ceiling color is an important factor, instead of the very common white, you can go for a variety of exciting colors like red, blue, etc. In this way you can highlight the ceiling, doing this will make the room look bigger than it usually is.
  10. Dark colors often make a room look smaller. The lighter the color is the more bright will be your room. So itas always good to paint light colors such as pale yellow, green or white.

Make full use of every nook and corner of your home, install shelves or corner tables and benches such that you can actually utilize every free space of your home to its best.

                               Many people live in a small house, some people say a small house gives an easy access to everything while others say a small house is what we can afford. No matter what are your reasons behind living in a small space area or home, just make it beautiful with some decorating ideas such that

looks larger, bright and lovely.

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