10 tips to maximize storage

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Design by: Zero Gravity Studio

Have you ever found out how effectively are you using your storage spaces? Do you think you have more stuff than required in your home? But what if you need them all? Is there any feasible solution? 

If you have realized lately that you are falling short of storage spaces, i.e. , cabinets, shelves and closets seem to shrink smaller day by day, there might be a problem with the way you organize things. If your home is always cluttered no matter what you do, you need to give your storage plans an afterthought. 

Here are few pointers that would help you to maximize your storage. 

1. Ditch the unwanted: Sometimes, it is the unwanted stuff that crams the storage space. Most of us, due to a bad habit of procrastination, often end up with a plenty of spent up stuff or stuffs that is not needed at all. Hence, the first critical step towards optimizing the storage space is to ditch the unwanted.

2Go for spacious cabinets: No matter whether you have a compact or roomy interiors- Always buy a closet/cabinet with enough shelves and chambers such that you can stash in all your essentials in them. Storing things by grouping makes them accessible. Also, there is less probability of clutter.

3. Fill up empty spaces in cabinets: You might be complaining that your closet is all full. But you might have come across some empty spaces in your cabinets while trying to withdraw your clothes. All you need to do is reorganize. Arrange things in such a way that every shelf is fully occupied and no space is left in between. However, make sure that this is done neatly. 

4. Hang in a couple of rods in the closets: Instead of using a single rod for hanging in coats and dresses, you

Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Designzz
have two or more rods installed inside the closet. This would make room for all your clothes at one place. You need not buy extra storage units which would do nothing but jam spaces. 

5. Shelves all over the wall: The ideal way to make an arrangement for books, collectibles and showpieces that are always found lying on the coffee table is to construct shelves all over the walls. You can have as many rows that satisfy your requirement. 

6. Behind the door: Nail in some hooks behind your bedroom doors where you can hang in the clothes which you need quite often. You can even have small shelves clinging to the doors if you need.

7. Ceiling mounted racks for pans and pots: Pots and pans are usually seen lying on kitchen counter-tops. Either have them stashed in the wall mounted racks or get a rack built adjacent to the ceiling wall. These racks are metal rods usually with hooks where you can hang in the pots and pans. However, keep in mind the height. Your kitchenware should be accessible. 

8Under the furniture: Another creative way of storing things is right under your furniture- in bed boxes, ottomans, sofa boxes and more. Always buy

with a storage provision. At least, you can store things which you might need later. 

9. Cabinet tops : Sometimes , when all the storage spaces seem utilized , you can use your cabinet tops to store stuff you don't need all the time. Vases, plants and decor accents can be stowed right up there. Moreover, this storage idea seems to accentuate your decor. 

10. The art/style of organizing things: Last but not the least, change your way of organizing things. Often, at times, we fall short of ideas. Always try to think out-of-the-box. You will stumble upon creative ideas you never know. 

Now, start from where you are. Once you are done away with the clutter, implement these steps later on to optimize your storage. 

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