10 uses of space under the stairs

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Make the best use of space under the stairs!

For two story houses, stairs take up a considerable amount of interior space. Most of the people consider staircase as the armpit of the interiors as they are not sure how to put it to use. Moreover, in most of the spacious interiors, the space under the staircase is simply ignored which makes the overall decor dull and monotonous.

So, what to do with space under the stairs?

Compact homes have somehow stumbled upon creative ideas to utilize these spaces for decor but most of the time these spaces serve as the storehouses of useless stuff/ extra furniture or often they are painted in the same theme as the living room just to satiate the decor purpose.

Those who haven't yet realized the essence of these spaces would be surprised to see how to squeeze the best out of these spaces. Here are the pointers-

  1. Simple Cabinets/Racks: No matter whether you have a roomy interior or a compact one; Extra storage racks are always welcomed by one and all. Call the carpenter and get constructed any of these racks you prefer:

  •  A clothes wardrobe
  •  Shoe-rack
  •  Cabinets for kitchenware, dinnerware and drinkware
  •  A Bookshelf


  1. A bookcase/ mini library : If you are an ardent reader but couldn't find a place suitable for a home library, try using the space under stairs. Furthermore, bring over a bean bag and an ottoman to enjoy reading.


  1. Home Office/Study Space : Moreover, if you want a place where you can consistently study for your exam or do a paperwork, you won't find a zone as peaceful as the space down under the stairs.

  1. A place to booze : You

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    know how often you may need the drinks. And since living room isn't spacious enough for a home bar, try utilizing the space under the stairs.


  2. Bedroom Under the Stairs : Well, you might have caught the glimpse of one in Harry Potter movies. Why not apply the concept to your own interiors?


  1. A mini kitchen : Open kitchens take a lot of space in small space interiors. A kitchen under the staircase would strike a balance with your interior design.

  2. Home for your pets : If you have pets, give them shelter under the stairs. Get them a small room with all the amenities.

  3. An aquarium: Well, if you can't think of anything else, fill the space with a large aquarium. This would in turn add up to your decor.

  4. A decor space : Well, if you think the area under your staircase is most disgusting place in the house, let go of your thoughts. Embellish the space in the best possible way you

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    You can simply install a home theater system underneath or decorate the walls with paintings and other stuff.

  5. A cozy personal space : Last, but not the least, utilize it as a personal corner. Equip it with a comfy lounge bed and draw the curtains to remain aloof from the rest of the world!

Now, what are you waiting for. Pick up a suitable option and get ready to spruce up the space!

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