10 Wall decor ideas that are not paintings

Wall Accents Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Interior decor is getting bigger and bigger day by day, thanks to innovative decor ideas that just emerge out of nowhere. Modern homes don't believe in the ideologies of repetition. Every one out there is looking forward to a customized decor that sports an individuality of its own. And when it comes to the walls, the decor is not just confined to the paintings. Moreover, it takes a step forward to steal the show with artistic creations that are unique in their own way. Putting it straight, modern wall decor is all about sprucing up walls to create a rich and colorful ambiance in the interiors. And ever since the concept of common paintings like the works of Picasso begun to embellish every living room wall out there, homeowners seem to be not a very big fan of the idea. 

Though paintings are still there, but there is hardly anything extraordinary about them. Paintings, modern or ethnic are more or less common in every home. Now, if you are looking forward to turn the spotlight on your walls, here are 10 most creative temporary wall treatments of all time that would allow you to make a statement. 

  • Photo Frames/Family tree:  A series of photographs (old and new) can customize your walls in ideal way. Pay tribute to your lineage by creating a time-line of photos from your birth to present. A family tree would be a better idea where you can pin down the photographs of three or more generations as desired. 
  • Comic Art/ caricature/ Posters: If you want your living room/bedroom to boast a themed air with your favorite caricature, you can impart the touch by displaying the vinyl made comic art featuring your favorite superhero or plain posters depicting your favorite car or celebrity. Wooden  and metal signs would work wonders.
  • Ethnic Accents: Those who are fond of past culture would love to bask in the living room featuring ancient wall accents- be it a collection of old rustic medallion, stone or metallic figurines from the history or anything from ethnic Indian culture.  
  • Play it up with dishes: If you have dishes/dinner plates in rich profusion of colors and designs, show them up on the walls.  
  • Fabric art: It doesn't matter whether you know fabric art or not- You will always find them in local stores. Buy the ones that strike good contrast with your wall color. 
  • Vertical Garden: If you are an avid nature lover, you must have a hanging garden at your home. This is quite easy. All you need is a rectangular or squared board with raised edges which in turn make room for plantation therein.
  • Free Hand art: If you are an inborn artist, just spruce up those blank walls with free hand art. This, in turn gives a very personal touch to your living room.
  • Postcards/Newspaper clippings: Well, if nothing strikes you , just go on pinning down the postcards in your kitty till date. This not only organizes your things at a place but also imparts a personal touch to your interiors.

Try one or more of these ideas and eventually, this time, your walls would make the difference! 

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