100 Ideas that Changed Architecture

Book Reviews Dated:  Aug. 3, 2016
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Book Review

Richard Weston 

Published in 2011 by Lawrence King Publishing Limited, 

361-373 City road, London EC1V1LR


Architecture itself is defined generally an IDEA, expressed explicitly. .. more theoretically or as philosophy,…  And this book has 100 ideas …and this idea of writing a book of 100 ideas itself is amazing…!! 

Everything that humans make begins, ultimately, with an idea: a guiding concept that shapes and develops the field in a pragmatic way.  And all these ideas are those which changed the face of Architecture. It encompasses broadly the varied ideas that changed Architecture in different ways. 

Right from elements of construction to social ideas and innovations..spatial types to means of organization..and finally idea like ‘ideas’ that have guided, explicitly or implicitly, the Humanism, thinking of building as an organism… 

Though it’s an ensemble of 100 ideas, it is craft fully organized in a chronological way. It unfolds from elements of classical architecture to deconstruction. But the book has bias towards the Western Architecture, and does not necessary define it by ‘rooms’ or more generally ‘inside’. Most of the ideas reach through time and continue to shape architecture. There is inevitably a bias towards including the latest innovations like parametric designs. 

There is no pretence that it is complete montage that depicts the course in which way the metamorphosis in architecture. But connections to other ideas are indicated by emboldening merely with the relevant words but of more picturesque journeys of discovery.

Architecture Book ReviewArchitecture Book Review

The short essays which accompany these pictures dip further into the ‘meaning’ of changes that define the course of architecture. This book is intended to be a widely accessible and engaging introduction to the broad spectrum of ideas that eventually shape architecture.

It is a very interesting approach in collection of various structures , but there is obviously limits in opting the structures, which have already being slated as the milestone which have brought about the ‘change’ in architecture.

But definitely this collage of hundred ideas enriches both formally and semantically.

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