15 amazing seating arrangements

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Seating Design Idea by: Ar. Anil Laul

Whether you are ready to land into that newly renovated apartment of yours or are looking forward to experiment with your existing decor setting, your living room setting calls for attention. Even when you have ample space, it's not really easy to figure out what setting would work best. Moreover, the task seems quite overwhelming if your space is spatially challenged.

Deciding a perfect arrangement is really a prissy issue that oscillates midway between the taste/liking of a person/persons and the mood that it creates. It's not just the furniture or the color of your walls. It's about a theme that gets induced as a result of several elements mixed together to strike a balance with each other. However, be careful- Don't mix and match what would never fit in the scene. It's all about little innovation and passion for decor. Here, check out 15 most amazing seating arrangements of all time that makes your living room stand out the rest.

Make it a royal affair

MDF Jali on Living Room WallsRoyal Seating Space designed by: Shahen Mistry

If you are fan of whites and beige and can't step your feet on the ground but on the lavish rugthat hugs the floor, this decor style is really yours. Spruce up the look with finest centerpieces that complement the style.

An orchard full of berries

Large Living RoomLiving Room Design Idea by: Sonali Shah

Well, to imitate the look, you need a rug like one in the picture. From a distant view, the setting looks no less than an orchard with several boulevard of berries. White couches are perfect if you prefer a neat look. However, to make an impression of a real berry orchard, you can opt for sofas in shades of green. 

Talking to the skyscrapers

If your house is situated on one of the highest floors of the building, arrange your living room furniture around a window with a view. Just lie down on the couch with friends and glance across the window to see the neighboring skyscrapers winking at you. Create the mood with swanky lighting fixtures. 

In a surreal world, away from mundane things

Contemporary Living Room with Modern PaintingContemporary Living Room with Modern Painting by: Sonali Shah

For a philosopher who want to run away from the mundane things or a modern artist who can read  the emotions hidden behind a painting, this living room setting is a paradise. The setting is perfect for those who are seeking piece. Make it a little swanky with leather couches and subtle recessed lights. 

A space that lies just few yards away from the Eiffel Tower

Chic Modern Living RoomModern Living Room Designed by: Hamida Sharma

If you dream of basking all day and night under the shadows of the famous Eiffel tower, you can make your dream come true. Just get the right wall-art done- be it an Eiffel tower of Paris or hanging gardens of Babylon and align your furniture in the niche. The space seem to lie just a few yards away from the famous tower. 

Just another corner

Seating AreaWhite Living Space by : Hamida Sharma

If your mind is not occupied with a theme, just align your furniture close to each other in a nook such that it prepares the living room for conversation with friends. For small spaces, lighter shades will be do. However, if the area is large, you can use darker tones to induce warmth.  

A personal cozy den

Living Area with Glass Door Living Room - Flanked by Glass Doors Design Idea: Aamir Sharma

Want to get away from the rest of the world? Find yourself a perfect niche where you could bask all day along. Carve out some space for a cozy den like the one in the picture. 

Close to the nature

Seating AreaSeating Area with Planter Design Idea by: Aamir Sharma 

Bring the magic of outdoors inside with a setting like this. The glass sliding doors allows you to escape into the vagaries of nature. Align your furniture against the glass. 

Under a phenomenal ceiling 

Meshed Ceiling Design
Meshed Ceiling Design by: KNS Architects

If you are a fan of fancy ceiling, you are free to make this decor style as yours. The labyrinth of haphazard lines always draws the attention of those seating underneath, thus taking them into a world of exotic wilderness. 

A dark cozy corner

dark cozy corner Home designed by: Amit walavalkar Adorn space concepts pvt ltd.

This setting is quite common in winters. Equip L-shaped leather couches in a cozy setting such that it makes inter-group communications a friendly affair. Moreover, use of dark colors would add warmth in the aura. 

In an Emperor's paradise

Seating Arrangement Home Designed by: Amit walavalkar Adorn space concepts pvt ltd.

If you love the ethnic Indian setting, try mix and match. Complement your modern furniture with traditional ones to mimic the setting that would have been in India if the crown was perpetual. This eclectic setting clearly defines the present day Indian decor that despite being derived from the west, sings praises of the past. Create drama with traditional crystal chandeliers and golden earthy tones. 

Under the staircase

Wooden Cabinet Living Room Design by: Chitra Tibrewal  

Want a private setting where you can chat with your friends without setting the house on fire? This place down under the staircase would serve your purpose quite well. Don't just equip the space with furniture. Remember the decor aspects as well. A modern art painting like one in the picture would complement the decor. 

Where the sun shines

Living Room with Panoramic ViewLiving Room with Panoramic View Design by: Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

If you think the best part of the house is the space where the sunlight leaves it's traces every morning, go on then, align your living room furniture around that nook- an enormous window that allows the sun rays across it's panes. Lighter tones would work well here if you prefer the environment to stay sunny and bright. 

Where purity dwells

Plush White Living RoomPlush White Living Room Design Idea by :Sonali Shah

If it is the piece of mind that you need, the first thing you gotta do is to get rid of the colors. Go white- from walls to floors and furniture to furnishings. When everything is white, your subconscious mind will feel at ease. Leather looks classy. If your budget allows, go for it. 

In an artist's estate

Living Room with Modern PaintingsLiving Room with Modern Paintings Design by: Madalsa Soni

Those who are fond of modern art can incorporate the theme in their interiors. However, watch out for colors. The art on the wall needs to strike a poise with the furniture below. For instance, yellow painting complements the gray leather sofa as well as the area rug. This setting makes you feel in an artist's estate. 

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