5 Reasons to Hire a Great Architect for your Dream Home

Expert Advice Dated:  March 18, 2015
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A lot of us believe architects are hired for aesthetics as they help you to with come up with a good design for the elevation of your building. An aesthetically appealing elevation design is only 20% of an architect’s role in your project. The other 80% is not understood by many. As an architect myself, it is after many years of practice, actual experience and a sense of responsibility that I understand the crucial role played by an architect in the construction of your dream home.  Here are five reasons to invest in an architect for your dream home.

1. A good floor plan is the most important and fundamental aspect of a home.  Elevation is something that everyone looks at but a floor plan is what you live in. Spatial planning and functionality is as crucial as aesthetics, if not more.

2. Architects not only make a great home for you, they also help you save substantially on the cost of construction by eliminating errors in construction mainly by planning all aspects of your project ahead of construction.  They can monitor the quality of construction, prevent the use of sub standard materials and help you negotiate the best deal from the contractor.

3. Most aspiring home owners don't mind the contractor making his profits in a construction project but they always question the architect making their fee. When you pay peanuts to your designer you can only hope for a monkey’s job on your home design; a home you had been dreaming about all along and will be investing a substantial part of your earnings needs a competent architect on board. Reflect upon this before you make a decision on your designer.

4. By trying to cut down on the architect fee and opting to work with the one who quotes the least

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your project you will end up paying more than what is needed for the cost of construction. You might receive a less than perfect space that you must live with for the rest of your life and might lack in resource to monitor the quality of construction. Your lifetime investment must be trusted with a professional who is most able to handle your job and not an amateur who charges you the least and provides you with a template design. You need a professional who can own your project until it is handed over to you.

5. Architects are not designers alone, they are engineers as well. They understand spatial planning, optimum use of space, design elements, key aspects of construction, building services, structural need for a project, plumbing design, electrical design and everything there is to know about your home. In fact they are the only ones who do. A great architect knows all about the home of your dreams; they understand every square inch of space as the whole project is held as a vision in their brain. You need your architect on board from conception until completion.

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