5 romantic Valentine's Day table settings

Festive Decor Dated:  Feb. 14, 2014
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Come Valentine’s Day and you are automatically placed under monumental pressure to do something big, lavish and different. Well, to clear one myth, you don’t necessarily have to go big and lavish for a memorable romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. And here at Zingy Homes, we will definitely help you be different. Just follow our 5 romantic Valentine’s Day table settings:

Candles and flowers:

Been there, done that but still it’s as popular as ever. Place a few long-stemmed red/pink roses and keep them in a vase on the table. Put a pillar scented candle as well. You may also put a few heart-shaped red tea lights in a try for that special romantic touch.

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Go for traditional heart-shaped strawberry cake, dainty heart-shaped sandwiches and red wine/champagne in flutes to complete the look.

Special Foods:

The best way to celebrate this day is to cook/order those wonderful dishes that you have enjoyed together in all these years together. What better way of reliving those sweet days! Keep the table settings to a minimum in order to highlight the food. A single red rose in a flute, white table cloth and linen, golden rimmed dinnerware, etc. will inconspicuously add to the decor. 


Let one colour rule your dinner table. Against the back drop of white, go for a single colour like red, pink or violet. So while the table cloth is white, tablemats are red; plates are white, glasses are red; and vase is white, flowers are red. Candles can only be in red and white.

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And better still if there are red cupcakes/macaroons to complete the picture. Looks dramatic, doesn’t it? 

Little hearts: 

Make hearts your theme for the day. Clichéd but works all the time. Bake some cookies or buy some marshmallows, candies all in heart shape. You may ask your confectioner to write messages on those candies as well for an extra fee. Now fill a vase/jar with them. This will make an incredible centrepiece for your romantic dinner table.

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Instead of edibles, you may also fill the vase with love messages written on heart shaped colourful chart papers. Pour your heart out. 

Out of the box:

If traditional and predictable themes are not your cup of tea, then this one is definitely for you. Select a few photos depicting your love life journey so far. Get them printed on a white table cloth. Spread this on the dining table and spend some happy moments visiting the memory lane. 
Or take a plain white tablecloth and write love messages for each other on it with colourful markers.Keep the cloth as a souvenir.

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In a jar/pitcher, arrange a mix of different types of flowers, more varied the better, plucked from your garden, neighbours’ or bought from a

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Why don’t you try one of these dinner table settings this Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner? 



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