False Ceiling ideas for Homes

Decor Accents Dated:  April 30, 2014
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Design by Architect: Karthikeyan Perumal

Ceilings are as important a part of your home décor as your walls and windows and doors. We tend to not pay attention to this detail in going ga-ga over the others. A well designed and executed ceiling adds to the look of your home and augments it. False ceilings are increasingly being used in households these days to avoid the boredom of a regular ceiling design. Moreover, false ceilings allow one to experiment with varied lighting options, which normal ceilings will not allow. The following are a round-up of the basic false ceiling options that you can experiment with for your dream home.

Drywall Ceiling: This is the most commonly used type of false ceiling in most homes. Conventional drywall ceilings are typically 8 feet high and can be decorated easily yourself using a stepladder. These have a plain, flat surface that can be easily decorated.

Suspended or Drop Ceiling: A suspended ceiling is a metal grid ceiling that is suspended from the original ceiling. Lightweight, acoustic panels are laid into the metal grid to create the ceiling. It is for this reason that suspended ceilings are known as drop ceilings. Suspended ceilings stylishly hide wiring, plumbing, mechanical fixtures, and the original ceiling.

Coffered Ceiling: Coffered ceilings in the past were exhibits of architectural grandeur, made of carved stone or expensive wood. This erstwhile idea of ceilings has been turned around in modern times. While the architectural idea remains the same i.e. that of an intricately designed false ceiling, it is designed in the form of coffered panels that fit inside the structure of the ceiling.

Cathedral Ceiling: Cathedral ceilings stay true to their name. They have the basic ceiling structure of a Roman Catholic Church or a Cathedral, soaring to a height of 15 feet or higher, creating a dramatic design element,

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well as an open, spacious feel to a room or entryway. This variety of ceiling can be made more ethereal and timeless looking by the use of wood.

Shed Ceiling: This style of false ceiling is perfect when one wants to create a rustic look for one’s home. It gives out the vibe of an attic that has been converted to a living space. A shed ceiling has a flat surface that slants upward on one side. This style is perfect for a room which is to be made into an art studio, a study or a library.

Tray Ceilings:Tray ceilings are flat with a recessed rectangular center to add drama to the room. This inverted space may be used to incorporate lighting fixtures or to add a visually appealing design element, like a contrasting paint color or a different ceiling material. The difference in the two ceiling elevations helps make small rooms appear bigger, so you may keep that in mind while choosing your false ceiling. Tray ceilings are perfect for a dining room or kitchen, the key entertainment areas in your house.

In order to dramatize and reap the effects of your false ceilings, experiment with various lighting fixtures and

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Do share your ideas with us!

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