Office Interior Designs to Boost Morale and Productivity

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 22, 2015
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Office Interior Designs

The keen entrepreneur knows how the right corporate workplace can affect their workers’ mood and output each day. The right amount of thought has to go into any office design to ensure it provides everything employees need to focus on their work and produce outstanding results every single time. In this guide, we will look at four of the most important qualities to consider when designing a corporate setting for your business.

Office Work Station Design Call Center Design Glass Partition design HighTieds Interior Design AhmedabadWork Station Office, Glass Partition Design by High Tieds Interior Design

Adequate Space

First, when setting up the office workspace, you’ll need to ensure that your employees have enough room to remain comfortable and accommodate all of their equipment. Legally, you will be required to give each staff member a certain amount of floor space as well so we would advise that you research this before designing your work environment. By ensuring that the office remains open and spacious, your workers will have room to breathe when going about their daily tasks. This will prevent them from feeling cramped and stifled each day when they come in.

Workstations OfficeThe Main Office- workplace Design by Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Bright Colours

The visual aesthetics of the workplace can also boost morale and productivity no matter which part of the world your employees came from. Whether they’re from India, Australia, UK or other parts of Asia – different colours affect their emotions. Here are just some of the ways workplace colours influence people’s mood:

MD Cabin DesignMD Cabin Design by Shahen Mistry
  • Red boosts urgency and productivity but can create anxiety if used in excess
  • Green reflects growth and prosperity. Too much shows greed and selfishness
  • Blue shows dependability & wisdom. Used too often, it can be boring however

Other colours such as yellow, orange and purple can also have various effects so we recommend that you look into these prior to designing your office.

Office LayoutWorkplace Design Idea by Mahesh Punjabi

Efficient Office Layout

The workplace should also be designed so that everything is in easy reach for all staff. For instance, you should:

  • Place departments that work together next to each other
  • Ensure the photocopier, printer, etc. can be accessed by all
  • Put the break room and toilets in a central location

With the right design, your staff won’t have to trek back and forth across the entire office often throughout the day. This will save them a lot of time, allowing them to get more out of their daily routine.

Work Station OfficeNatural Lighting Design Idea by Kamat & rozario Architecture

A Bit of Nature

Lastly, make sure to bring something natural into the workplace. A design that is too bare can cause depression amongst your employees. Fortunately, you can boost morale by simply:

  • Allowing more natural light into the interiors
  • Placing plants and other greenery throughout

This will help soothe your employees and allow them to concentrate more on their work. We all have an innate connection to nature so it is best to foster this within your office design.

Workstations on the Ground FloorWorkstations on the Ground Floor with Natural Light by Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

With all of these aspects in place, your workplace, whether it is a simple office in Delhi or a new and chic Melbourne office design,

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be ready to produce excellent results when it comes to productivity and staff morale. Not only will the office be set up in a manner that promotes efficiency and comfort but it will also be tailored to boost employee health and wellbeing at the same time. After this, your workers will then be happy to come in each day and will concentrate on producing high quality outputs that help your business reach its goals.

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