Windmill Design Festival 2015

Events Diary Dated:  March 12, 2015
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Windmill Design Festival 2015

We catch up with Devika Sachdeva, whose brainchild is the annual Windmill Design Festival which is held at the Windmill Place in Delhi. Devika had always wanted to provide a platform for young designers. And what better way to do that than a festival for the design community? This year, the “Windmill Design Festival 2015”  was organized on the 21st and 22nd February, at PSDA studios in Aya Nagar, a small modern village in Delhi. Seventeen designers participated in the event. Below are excerpts from my chat with her...

Can you tell us something about this event, Windmill Design Festival 2015?
Over the last few years, the studios of Windmill Interiors and Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (PSDA) at Aya Nagar have become the focus of a creative community that often drops in to share an idea, collaborate or simply talk over a cup of coffee. The Windmill Festival celebrates this friendship and brings together a motley crew of designers, crafts persons, artists and an NGO.

How many years have you been organizing this event?
Windmill Design Festival is an annual event and this year we proudly presented its third edition.

Can you tell us something about Pure Ghee Design. It speaks a lot about women empowerment through design.
Pure Ghee Design is an accessory brand that creates bags distinguished by unusual materials, colour, craftsmanship and signature charms. Aditi Prakash, a vivacious young woman is the brain behind the quirky label. Their studio is based in Aya Nagar, and  are committed to creating sustainable livelihoods for the women and youth in the area. During the Windmill Design Festival they displayed a wide range of products, and one could also interact with the artisans and see how their products are made.

You have a lot of creative designers participating in this event. How did you reach out

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When we started Windmill Design Festival in 2012, we had partnered with eight designers. This year’s festival showcased the work of seventeen designers. We put in a lot of thought while curating the festival. Some designers are part of our local community at Ayanagar or are somehow connected to the community, while others we encounter during the various design exhibitions and showcases. Every year we also receive participation interests from designers who have heard about our festival or have visited us previously. Once we have a list of possible participants, Devika Sachdev along with Aditi Prakash screen their work and finalize the participants. 

Your interiors speaks a lot of your creativity. Can you shed some more light on this?
For the last 25 years, Windmill has been creating custom-designed, handcrafted, contemporary wooden furniture and home accessories. Our furniture is known for its clean contemporary lines, utility and high quality that have served our customers well for decades.

Our showroom and workshop are located in a lush garden at Aya Nagar on the outskirts of Delhi, where we share space with PSDA Studio (formerly Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates) one of India’s premiere architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design practices.

What are your

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plans for Windmill Design festival?
What started as a small festival back in 2012, has grown tremendously over the last 3 years. Every year we strive to enhance the overall experience of the Design Festival, from the participating designers, the activities and workshops, food and the overall ambiance. We will continue working with the same enthusiasm and spirit to make Windmill Design Festival bigger and better each year.

What is your suggestion to young designers?
Young designers today are immensely talented. As long as their work is distinctive and reaches out to an audience that has similar design sensibilities, they will prosper.

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