Contemporary Indian Art in Interior Decor

Wall Accents Dated:  March 6, 2014
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Designed by Shahen Mistry

Gone are the days when living room walls used to blossom with medieval paintings which portrayed the kaleidoscopic picture of that era and sung praises of their artists. Gone are the days, when only the ethnic art was predominant on the walls. In short, Indian art has drastically evolved over the years and if you examine the paintings for over three or more successive decades, you would notice a significant drift in the ideologies. With the passage of time, the artist's axioms and cruxes have shifted to new horizons; they seem to take inspirations from the present day situations and manipulate it to shape up a picture that is worth the thousand words. For six out of ten people, the portrait is an enigma- a vague labyrinth of lines; yet for others it denotes life. Indian Contemporary art it is, that greatly embraces the present and transcends other genres of art in creativity. 

The inception- Where did it come from?
Though the concept was derived from the Western culture that almost engulfed the country during the British reign, yet, with the evolution of beliefs and acceptance of new trends, it got escalated into something phenomenally big. And since modern homes went in for minimalist décor trends, traditional paintings are being replaced with modern ones. These artistic wall accents might appear a mystery to many, yet they are being widely accepted throughout the country. 

The worth- How worthy is it?
If you are used to visiting various art galleries in and out of your city, you might not be surprised at their worth. These modern masterpieces might cost you million of dollars. What's so big deal? It's just a n array of lines and splash of colors on a piece of paper. Well, to a random observer, it might appear a piece of but to one who has a little idea of cognitive science and an uncanny affinity for art can understand what it takes to etch a state of mind on a piece of paper. 

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The need- Why Contemporary Paintings?
The concept of modern homes calls for modern paintings. The idea is to rejuvenate the surroundings. And it is the abstract contemporary wall accent that usually fills in for an old fashioned flashy wall accessory in modern homes. Contemporary art in any form adds liveliness to the aura. Every picture tells a story- of love, hatred, glory and pride. For instance- consider canvas paintings. They have depth and originality. When displayed on neutral walls, they lift up all the monotone in there, without being ostentatious enough, unlike ethnic paintings. And of course, these masterpieces paint the picture of modern India torn apart between past and future. 

The decor- Where to display them? 
Display them on your living room walls, lay them onto the wall adjoining your dining area or just pin them onto your doors. However, before exhibiting these masterpieces, make sure that they complement the theme. 

The hunt- Where to find?
If you are not really an art connoisseur, searching for contemporary art local galleries becomes quite intimidating as there are hardly any product details. The best option is to explore the web. You will find a myriad of art studios and online art galleries where you can search for the stuff of your interest. Just, specify the color and theme and you will be led into a plethora of options. 

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