Ambiente India Expo 2014

Events Diary Dated:  June 23, 2014
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Ambient India 2014 Gateway

It's the synergic platform for the design centric international market! Around 144,000 trade visitors from 161 countries, including numerous top decision makers, come to Ambiente each year to order their product assortments at the fair. Over 4,700 exhibitors from 89 countries benefit from the optimal hall organization of the Dining, Giving and Living areas as well as the synergy effects that automatically build up. As the most important consumer goods trade fair, Ambiente is the central forum for the industry – and a major platform for the contract sector and sourcing. Here is where business partners, ideas and success come together. It is the platform where home furnishings and interior decor trade brands, Heimtextil and Ambiente  meet  interior designers, architects, retailers, distributors and home fashion industry professionals to showcase  their latest trends to mark their entrance in the Indian market. 

There were 150 brands that promised to roll out stunning home furnishings, textile and interior décor collections. This event gives a raised area to the industry from small order retail traders to large volume buyers. In this event the top brands like D’décor Exports participated as platinum partners.,Punikin TextilesPvt Ltd and Dicitex Firnishing Ltd as a gold partners and Birla Century and Indian Drape Pvt Ltd, Devaa Textiles as Silver partners for Heimtextil India. The Ambiente came with the Indian and International brands for exhibits partners with their Living, Dining and giving sections. The big brands like D’décor showcased new collections- more than 3000 new articles en-comprising digital print, embroidery, jacquard, plains and velvets. There was another brand called Dimora which came up with innumerable choices in home furnishings to suit diverse consumer tastes. And not to mention, several other brands introduced inspiring range of products to make a niche in market. 

The managing director of Messe Frankfurt trade fairs India Pvt

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said “With India’s textile industry being second on the world map and already set for study growth due to strong domestic consumption, this is the place to track development and set the future roadmap for the Indian home fashion industry”.

With the first session of the trade fair which begun from 19 June, the common masses were  excited about these  fairs making their debut in the Indian market, Mr Nimish Arora,Managing Director,Dicitex Furnishing Ltd, who has been participating in Heimtextil since 15 years, said, “The show has always proved to be a good platform to showcase products in home furnishings markets around the world, be it in Russia, USA, Middle East, Germany , China and now India. We are proud to be associated as Gold partner for Heimtextil India 2014. We feel this exhibition is an important platform to connect with customers which is why we will be launching our new product range of digitally printed bedding and curtains at the fairs”.

Like Mr. Nimish many other brands show their contentment  from this trade fair. But this level of satisfaction goes down for manufactures, despite that it works for retailers. At the end day, many international brands were unsatisfied with the

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fair whereas retailer brands got positive response. Some brands have high expectation from the trade fair but the clock moves in another direction which gives retailers a positive impact. Despite all this, few brands like D’décor and Dimora received a positive response with many deals coming in and eventually getting good exposure to Indian market. At the end of the day, every brand is expecting a good revenue from this fair and waiting for the long term impacts. They are all expecting the level result which would help them to take a stand  in the Indian market , the level, however is same for domestic  as well as International brands.


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