4 American Style Kitchen Design Ideas

Architectural Styles from around the World Dated:  Oct. 12, 2016
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Amercian Kitchen Design Idea

All of us love those open, spacious houses in all the English serials & wish we could have a part of it all to ourselves. Worry not! We are here to help get an entire kitchen for yourself! :)

American styled kitchens are typically characterised by a centre table housing either by a sink, stove & oven or a mini-dining.
Open, lots of windows & compact! The love for such kitchens will never lessen!
Things to remember:-

  • Define your requirements in the kitchen. Oven, sink, stove? Decide where to place them.
  • Decide whether to bring in your dining into your kitchen space.
  • Open kitchen without walls or a conventional room kitchen?
  • Design your cabinets keeping in mind the amount of storage required.
  • Plan your ancillary spaces like fridge properly as per sequence of usage.

Let’s get started…

Wood finish:

Amercian Kitchen Design IdeaAmercian Kitchen Design Idea
Image Source: www.endmassincarcer.org
Wood finishWood finish
Image Source: www.kitchen-design-ideas.org

Old country style kitchens will make you fall in love with them. Old-school virgin timber finish paired with some dusky colours will make your kitchen sunny & lively.

You can choose to customise the centre table as per requirement by providing levels, counters for cutting, a bar storage underneath.

Matte finish:

matte finish kitchen designMatte Finish Kitchen Design
Image Source: www.archiproducts.com
matte finish kitchensMatte Finish Kitchens
Image Source: www.designresidenceahlem.com

Just a modification of the earlier version, matte finish kitchens are modern versions using gloss laminates for the EXTRA SHINE IN THE KITCHEN!!

You can get your dining inside the kitchen space or have an access to it from outside. Either ways you shall reduce the occupant load of the furniture in your house that will otherwise be eating up space.

In this style you have the freedom to make the décor reflect your own style by the choice of laminates & the colours.

Open kitchen:

Open kitchen DesignOpen kitchen Design
Image Source: www.edimoginot.blogspot.com
Open kitchen & diningOpen kitchen & dining
Image Source: www.homedesign.kfoods.com

Open kitchens are trending & reduce even more space that would otherwise be occupied by your kitchen & dining. These implement new age mind set-up of not isolating the kitchen but blending it with the other spaces.

Thereby you tend to make spaces multi-functional.

Linear kitchen:

Linear kitchenLinear kitchen
Image Source: www.instagram.com
Linear kitchen DesignLinear kitchen Design
Image Source: www.higham.co.uk

Just another variation of open kitchens, these linear kitchens tend to occupy a corner space of your living [or any room] & bring in the required flow to blend the décor.

Here not only the spaces, but the furniture & storage as well become multi-functional.

Such spaces can really be fun & interactive.

Have Fun Customising Your Space!!! :)

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