...and this is what art means to me!

Opinions Dated:  April 24, 2014
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Whatever the medium, art to me, is the expression of the adventures and discoveries of the human organism reacting to the environment of the perpetual readjustment, of habit to the process of changing facts. 

Creativity, I believe, being an expression of freedom and originality knows no boundaries except those inherent within itself. It claims no favourites among styles or "isms". It is a timeless gauge for measuring the art of ancient, modern, or future days, including all significant, creative and more or less unified human expressions of the material and spiritual world in which we believe. I believe no expression to be really art unless creative. 

To create is to select or invent elements significant to a given purpose, and organize them into a new and unique form. It means originality. It means individuality. It means freedom of action. Creativeness depends on a certain attitude of mind. It is an invitation to free thinking, exploration and progression. Its opposite is imitation that spells conformity, reaction and decadence. 

An artist, to my mind, has objectives: he attempts to reproduce the outer and/or inner meaning of the appearance of things, using individually conceived forms that are the products of his experience, feeling or imagination, to express his aesthetic ideas and emotions in terms of the particular medium employed. He uses the elements of design contained in plastic forms, in union with artistic materials - line, tone, space, colour, subject-matter and craft to create a new and vital organism or entity of form. He uses emotional and intellectual freedom to organize the subject or mood into a unified expression.
I believe creativity is like a living organism. It germinates, evolves, grows to its full heights, and ends. What it leaves behind are the peaks of its developments that we call traditions or periods. There are many

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of development of varying heights, in a people's cultural growth, as it is in the evolution of an individual artist. We consider these peaks as complete because every peak is complete when it has reached its zenith. Art, like peaks, does not admit of improvement; what it admits of is its growth. 

NO art movement or period of an individual artist can be an improvement on a previous stage of creation even when it has grown out of it. If authentic, it has its own ingredients, totally independent of its origin. :) 

It has been admitted that arts of all ages, as well as of periods in an individual's evolution grows not out of themselves but from the virus of the previously formulated creativity. But in each period, the artist tires to create an oeuvre that reflects his immediate experience and world view, organizing it into a form that embodies the spirit of changing times, and how he respond to it. 

In different periods and in different moods, different concerns have driven me. Some of these concerns offered relief, others stirred or provoked. And it’s true that the vitality of human experience needs each of these injections in varying situations. Those who

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favourites of particular concerns are lovers of concerns, not of art. They get little out of this practice. Instead of becoming enriched by art, this limitation turns them into imitators of their favourite, be they artists or just art lovers.

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