Make it Trendy - Go for Antique Decor!!

Decor Tips Dated:  Sept. 17, 2015
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Use your imagination and bring in some antique moments to your home!!

Giving your house an antique look does not mean that you have to huddle your house with all the decorative articles available. Even if you are a vintage lover it is equally important for you to maintain a proper aesthetic quality of your antique home décor. Though antique décor is fun, here are some of the things you should keep in mind while selecting some of the best antiques for your house.

Keep it Simple and practical-Avoid picking up anything and everything that you find attractive. While selecting antiques for your place always keep in mind to choose something that not only looks beautiful but also serves your modern day purpose. For example- you can go for articles like Victorian globe lamps, metal doom wall lamps or metal table with wood top.

Antique Decorative ItemsAntique Decorative Items
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Create a focal point-One basic problem with antique home decoration is that people tend to overdo it and create a clutter. Therefore it is important that you choose only one heavy antique for your room and make it a focal point. This focal point will probably help you to choose other small articles and set a theme as well a boundary to your decoration.  For instance you can use a more-than-average figurine or a mirror.

Ransack stores-To get the best vintage collectibles make sure that you make a thorough search of the stores at your place. Buying articles more than a century old, will give your space a characteristic antique look.

Living Room DesignsLiving Room Designs
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Be symmetrical-Symmetry not only makes your home look beautiful but also adds to the quantity of your décor pieces. On the other hand it also justifies that you have invested not only on the pretty aesthetics of your home but also on the comforting balance. For example if you are planning to hang a more-than-average painting on one of the walls, make sure that you balance them with one or two more.

Keep the colour in mind-Be it antique or any other décor item, choosing while keeping hues in mind is one of the most important aspects. Try choosing colours that are in rhythm with the walls.

Vintage Wall DecorVintage Wall Decor
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Manage your breathing space-As antiques are a heavy décor for your room it is necessary to keep it minimal. Using regular antiques like mirrors and tables will not only help in decorating your room but will also create a proper breathing space in your room.

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