Architect Nilanjan Bhowal wins The Platinum Level Certification Award from IGBC Green Homes Rating System

Architecture-Design Awards Dated:  Sept. 6, 2014
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Architect Nilanjan Bhowal receiving the Platinum Level Certification Award from IGBC

With rampant degradation of living environment over the years, there hardly exists a place worth living in. Green Planet cannot be restored to its original state yet there is still some hope to revive the lost sustainability. Several decades of environmental degradation cannot be cured in a day yet the measures undertaken by some of the finest organizations in the world make us believe things can start getting back to normal.

Embracing the concepts of sustainability and eco-friendly architecture, CII (Confederation of India Industry), one such private non-profit organization has introduced the first environmental rating program in India which goes by the name IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).

The aim of IGBC Green Homes is to reward those architectural/ design projects that comply with sustainability standards by making the best use of resources on their site in order to achieve a steady environmental equilibrium. This rating scheme has been initiated to check the environment friendliness and to ensure the optimal use of various site resources including water conservation, energy efficiency, material utilization and proper treatment of household waste.

The system evaluates certain mandates and assigns credits corresponding to each one. A projects' built in compliance with Green Home measures have various tangible as well as non tangible benefits - Water and energy conservation being the most apparent. Other than this, architectures done as per Green Building Principles ensure health and wellbeing of inhabitants.

There are Four Certification Levels as per IGBC Green Homes Rating System as mentioned below:
1.    Certified (Best Practices Recognition)
2.    Silver (Outstanding Performance Recognition)
3.    Gold (Nation Excellence Recognition)
4.    Platinum (Global Leadership)

One of ZingyHomes' own eminent industry advisors, Nilanjan Bhowal who is also a top architect in his domain has received the Platinum Certification Level in IGBC Green Homes Rating System, thus achieving Global Leadership Recognition in Green Homes Architecture for a

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energy efficient and technologically sound residential project. Most of his projects strike a balance among several traits - eco-friendliness, convenience, functionality and style.

The winning project is "TATVAM VILLA”, named as "Nest" – a 3000 sq ft bungalow that stands proud for the smart, energy efficient technology that it holds within. Delving into the details, the house strikes a balance between modern and contemporary and is inclined more towards minimalist décor.

And how do you think they manage to achieve optimal energy efficiency? Technology did it all. Everything from water to electricity to solar panels is metered to keep a check on energy usage.  The home automation system is designed so as to integrate all the electrical devices in the house. Building automation and control of domestic activities, yard watering as well as entertainment systems are designed to meet environmental balance.

Moreover, talking about the use of materials, everything from the furniture to decoratives have been chosen from green building materials. Even the doors and windows are made up of engineered materials (uPVC , the rigid one).

Now, moving over to the exteriors, “Tatvam Villa” establishes a good natural harmony. The rich landscape features mini water bodies, native draught resistant herbs and shrubs

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save water as well as prevent soil pollution. Even the sun path and wind direction were chosen accordingly so that these natural resources are utilized to optimal level and energy usage is largely reduced.

In a nutshell, the bungalow is in perfect compliance with Green Building Environmental Standards with it’s reduce, reuse and recycle focus.


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