Architecture Awards in India

Architecture-Design Awards Dated:  Feb. 18, 2014
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Indian Architecture

They say that “creativity takes courage”. Architects who are the wizards responsible for lending a soul and personality to what would be mere structures of brick and cement, have, probably, been one of the least recognized of the lot, with no official honor being pronounced for them. Perhaps it is to honor the fearless and maverick spirit in these men and women, that NDTV, one of the biggest media giants in India, has come forth to join hands with the German brand, Grohe to present the DA Awards – the first official architecture awards in India. The online partner for the awards is ZingyHomes.

Modern architecture in India is unique and characteristic of the varied cultural hues that have been a part of our history. While other examples in the architecture awards India space may have been guilty of not being exhaustive in the number of categories they cover, the DA Awards are divided across 18 categories. These categories range from landscapes to hospitality; from residential to commercial; from infrastructural genius to lifetime achievement. 

And about time too. When an architect creates a wonder, it ceases to be a mere brick and stone specimen: and is an embodiment of the values and mores that guided the architect in his / her endevour; it is a personification, nay an extension of the soul of the owner.  And thus lives on, becoming immortal and telling the future generations about the creator and the owner.

Some fine examples of architectural genius are the Mayo College in Ajmer, built in the year 1879; the Post and Telegraph Office in Madras etc. These have lived on to tell us the story of yore. Thus, it is delightful to have dedicated architecture awards India that would finally honor such creators and builders of immortal genius.



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