Architecture Thesis - Guidance for Students

Opinions Dated:  Dec. 6, 2016
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Guidance for Architectural Students

During Thesis time, I get lot of enquiries on how a thesis ought to be done in architecture. I remember my own thesis at IIT. I had gone into this deep meditative mood which acted as a springboard to clean up (or at least I think it cleaned up) a lot of my thinking. Well, that is possibly the only period where an architect is in the luxurious context of thinking through all aspects of a design completely on his own. That is that one chance you would get to be so close to your inner workings of your mind that the potential for cleaning up your logic is high.

Once you are into practice, your hand gets dictated and your thinking gets muddled up anyway.

I am now guiding some final year students at McGan's Ooty School of Architecture for their thesis and I put together this thought on how a thesis ought to be done.

I hope this presentation would be useful to students of architecture and design; and also young faculty in colleges who want to guide their students

BTW, I never answer the question "What thesis topic should I take?" I find such students missing the whole point of doing their thesis: The world is waiting for your original thoughts. Why do you want to ask someone else what you should be working on?

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