Art and Home Decor from the Northeast

Regional Architecture & Interiors Dated:  Feb. 5, 2014
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Thoughts driven soul of a pagan, wandering into the unexplored Eden.
Losing all his inclination for the tediously repetitious buildings of the metropolis.
He moved out in search of the old melodies, to enjoy, to rest, in between the swiftest notes of the nature.
Where the mighty Brahmaputra flows solely to merge into the holy Ganges, the profundity of whose deepness, no less than the Pacific.The echoes from the pensive mountains; where the clouds fly over the shoulders of the hills, bringing in the swift breeze of recompense.
Wiping out the fear and the vengeance of the venereal disease that has ossified in the leaves of every fake plastic tree. 
We the Denizens of the Seven Sister States, welcome you to explore a land of culture, a land of ethnic civilization, indeed a paradise unexplored. India, a land of crafts and arts, which bloom in every corner of this nation has the same philosophy of retaining its legacy. We have always been a craftsman from the immemorial and these crafts reflect the charm of the Indian cultural legacy. The richness of color and traditional beauty resides in the very existence of each identity, and flows like the thick red fluid pumping from the core of our existence. 


Cane and bamboo crafts of India are appreciated all over the globe because of its artistic and visual appeal. It’s an inseparable part of life for the North-East people. There are a number of products made out of cane and bamboo that finds universal appreciation, some of them are:

•    Furniture
•    Baskets
•    Different kind of Hats
•    Handloom
•    Musical Instrument

Though the northeast is mostly known for its intense skills in the cane and bamboo products, several other home decor crafts are also woven here. Interestingly, different regions of the northeast are known for their different forms of art and handicrafts.


Cane and Bamboo work:


Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap /

The manufacture of cane furniture, requires a profound knowledge and high degree of skill, and such skills are predominantly found to be very traditional. 
The process involved in the manufacture of cane furniture begins with the preparation of requisite amount of bamboo slips. According to the adaptability canes of various diameters are also reduced and cut down into slips of various shapes and sizes. Finally the artist incorporates and assembles all the separate parts and delivers something which becomes a pleasure to watch and comfort for the body. 
Apart from these there are many creative works found in the field of cane & bamboo artwork such as cradles, trays paper baskets, etc.



Image courtesy of John Kasawa /

Baskets made out of bamboo with very fine designs are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be used for different purposes, such as household containers, ect.




Straw hat
Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /





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Photography By : Vikramjit Kakati


Jaapi is a fine example of cane and bamboo work, it is made of tightly woven bamboo, cane and tokou paat(leaf). It is not just a decorative hat, it’s honor and respect. Traditionally Jaapi was used by the farmers and cultivators, in the Assamese culture because it is more advantageous to them as it also serve the purpose of an umbrella. However, it is very pitiful to say that these days Jaapis are only meant to serve as tokens of drawing room decorations.


Erie, Pat and Muga these three denotes the three major types of indigenous “wild silk” produced in Assam. Assam's silk fabrics have earned immense recognition from all over the world. This particular daughter of this nation is the home of several types of silks, the most prestigious is the golden muga(golden silk), it is only found in Assam. It is impossible to beat the beauty of  traditional handloom found in Assam. The richness of their textures and designs, reflects in their individuality, character and classic beauty. Probably it is in the blood of every Assamese daughter being a weaver or  it is their hereditary skill and their innate sense of

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and fine balance of artwork that helps them in the making of this unique product. 
Weaving in Assam is so replete with artistic sensibility and so intimately linked to folk life that Gandhiji, during his famous tour to promote “khadi and swadeshi”  was so moved that he remarked : "Assamese women weave fairy tales in their clothes!

Bamboo Mats:  Various forms of Bamboo mats are available these days in the market, bamboo floor mat, bath mat, chair mate all these are some of the finest products of this land. They are extensively used for various purposes like construction of temporary walls and sheds, big pandals, roofing of country boats, dwelling houses, etc. besides, domestic uses, bamboo mats also find its use in various mills and factories. 


Musical Instrument: 



The people of NortEast are not only music lovers, they are music breathers, if you can find a way  to look furtively deep inside the heart of an inhabitant from the northeast you would probably discover the silent notes of a flute raising up like the smoke willingly uncoiling from an incense stick. This very Flute is also a symbol of love and attraction, from Lord Krishna to Gibran, they whispered their thoughts into it and it has always been the flute that took out the spirit and mixed it with the air delivering it to the world. 

Every soul needs a home, and every home reflects an identity and enunciates a saga that there exists a life in between the thin parallel lines of love and emotions. We are the architects of our own dwellings and the refinement of a life or a soul lies in the purity of our thoughts, so go ahead chase your dreams, maybe someday you will contribute a verse and probably you would find out an oasis in the dead sands, thus explore the diversity of living space in this fascinating cultural area, and discover some cities from the Paradise on Earth,  “The Northeast”. 




Cover Photo:

/Mausam Hazarika/



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