Artists in Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2014-15

Events Diary Dated:  Oct. 8, 2014
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AICA or the Artists in Concrete Awards which are organized annually by Reify since the year 2007 are happening on the 20th and 21st January 2015 in Mumbai.

This prestigious festival, celebrates excellence in architecture, landscape designing, interior designing and construction agencies and attracts participants and attendees from around the world. Asian and Global names form the jury and presenters. Prominent sponsors and exhibitors from across India and the world participate in this 2-day festival that offers a bird’s eye view of the global architectural, interior designing and construction scenario. 

AICA is also a great platform to network for both personal and professional growth as you tend to meet the who's who of the design world in a short span of 2 days. The festival is time for design professionals to discuss and deliberate on worldwide trends in architecture and interior designing. It is also the time to give and get recognition.

The jury for AICA awards comprises:

Prof. Juhani Pallasmaa – Finland
Ar. Kristin Feireiss – Berlin
Ar. Richard Murphy – UK
Ar. Sanjay Puri – India
Ar. Rainer Mahlamaki – Finland
Ar. Frazer Macdonald Hay – Singapore
Ar. Tony Fretton – England
Ar. Deborah Saunt – UK
Ar. Edward Hollis – UK
Ar. Roberto Capecci – Singapore
Ar. Angelo Candalepas – Australia
Ar. Ksenija Bulatovic – Serbia
Ar. Peter Stutchbury – Australia
Ar. Stephen Pimbley – Singapore
Ar. Fernando Menis – Spain
Ar. John Wardle – Australia
Ar. Yatin Pandya – India
Ar. Prof. Krishana Rao Jaisim – India
Ar. Ahmet Vefik Alp – Turkey
Ar. Rasem Badran – Jordan
Ar. Yashwant Ramamurthy – India
Ar. Prem Nath – India
Ar. Vikram Lall – India
Ar. Shakti Parmar – India

Several associations of design professionals from China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Singapore along with India along with Rachana Sansad and high-profile online, press, magazine

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TV media partners come together for AICA.

This year, the Artists in Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2014 - 15 will be hosted in Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India. Participants will discuss current trends in Architecture, Interior Designing, Landscape Designing and Construction. ZingyHomes is an online partner of the AICA awards.

Read the post event release and find out who the winners were.

Summer Award Winners Poster
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