Tidy bachelor's room - Tips decoded

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 25, 2016
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Bachelor's Room Design Idea by Architect Puran Kumar

For grown up mama's boys moving out of the family house, it's going to be hard initially to keep his new den approachable. With little experience of maintaining the bedroom, the task of arranging the entire apartment will not be less than a nightmare. For those who fall under such 'Men will be Men' category, here are some decor ideas that will help you keep your bachelor home way cleaner and less messier.

1. Decor for living room

Living alone in an apartment never really happens. Most of the time your apartment will be crowded with your buddies who are close enough to feel at home in your apartment. Since there will be heavy traffic in the house till you leave for work, better go for some efficient seating arrangement. Instead of a regular sofa that eats up much of your space, settle for arrangement that is a mix of sofa, ottomans and chaise longue etc.

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2. Entertainment

A lot of bachelors get their TVs to their bedroom for the ease of dozing off when they are done with watching it. In reality, having a TV against your bed will ruin a good night's sleep as you get tempted to watch it even when your body needs rest. So, take it back to the living room.

3. No more bare windows

Bachelor's Room Design Idea Bachelor's Room Design Idea
Image source: http://pattayacondoguide.com/

Bare windows are a common view in bachelor pads as flowery curtains is believed to give a girly look to the apartment. Well, you have other prints to try out! Dark coloured curtains with geometric designs can give you the bold,sophisticated look. But make sure it is layered with sheer curtains so that you don't keep your room devoid of natural light.

Do not forget to spread a floor rug that will make you align the decor every time it goes out of place.

4. Whites at bay

Owing to busy life schedule ( as you may reason), you hardly get any time to have a look at how dirty your bed linen or towels look. Therefore, it is recommended to go for dark linens for bathroom and bedroom that will withstand your ignorance towards them for weeks.

5. Hide your used clothes

Its our habit of throwing the clothes on the bed while getting ready for work and it stays there till we come back. Instead of leaving it messy, get a good cloth hamper with a lid to put your used clothes and stingy socks away from sight when your friends or parents show up.

Hide your used clothesHide your used clothes
Image source: http://www.furniturehomedesign.com/

6. Library - a must

Whether at the corner of the living room or  in your bedroom, library will be of great use to a bachelor's life. With a good collection of novels, stories and others, an organised library can speak high of your personality.

7. Wardrobe

As you have no one at home to get you clothes when and where you say, wardrobes with multiple drawers can come handy. If that isn't enough, label them. You will be doing yourself a great favour.

8. Keep it fresh

Flowers may be a girly thing but non flowering plants do not symbolise any gender.  A  house needs plants to keep it rooted to nature and give it a peaceful accent. Taking out time to care for them will indeed be a stress buster for you.

Try out these simple tips and make your apartment liveable. Pass it on to your peers if it is a similar scene there.

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