Balcony Design Ideas

Outdoors Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Design by: Interior Designer, Sandesh Prabhu

The Balcony. Ever so clichéd, ever so cool. The mention of a balcony invariably, always brings to mind the picture of a budding young romance, the sight of a young couple making plans, the (lesser seen) picture of people crossing over for a sneak out. To be young and in love! But again, lots of us youngsters have often sneaked out of a balcony just to go dance with our pals in a discotheque all night, so no stereotypes there! A balcony is a feature that is sported by most, if not all, homes these days. Why not! It’s a great option, easily done in both an apartment and an individual house and can be one of the best space options possible in case of a severe space crunch. Let’s look at some balcony designs that you can implement in your dream pad and enjoy what you get!

1)    The Romeo and Juliet: I would like to reiterate (to the disdain of people with teenage kids) that balconies are a great escape route for many kid couples. While this may be a deal-breaker for girls’ dads, if you don’t have a child or a grown one and are planning to design a balcony, this style fits great. We’re talking about the type of balcony in the film Romeo and Juliet (the DiCaprio one, ah!) or the Ranveer-Deepika starrer Ram Leela recently. An intricate wrought-iron designed balcony, constructed lovingly over marble floors, is a lovely option when thinking about an outdoor balcony. It’s traditional, beautiful and deliciously vanilla! Great option, folks!

2)    The Morning After: There’s the kind of balcony we have visualized for a long time in our dreams. One overlooking a beautiful green manicured lawn. The one where you’ll walk out with your morning cuppa and enjoy the breeze while leaning

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the well-polished wooden railing. Having a little garden up front may be another dream you’ve probably dreamed with waking eyes all through. Get this dream of yours up and running, man!

3)    The Gazing at Stars: You could make a balcony that opens out into your nature escapade. Think about it. You could make it a space big enough to lie on and gaze at stars at night and stand in and enjoy the sunrise in the morning. If you’re blessed enough to have a house where your lungs can breathe openly, one of these balconies is something you would cherish and value.

4)    The Patio: Make this into a nice open air café! Place cane, bamboo or even wrought iron chairs and tables and cushions and pillows and enjoy your morning tea with your loved ones in the most unadulterated way possible. Sit in the most beautiful section of your house and butter your toasts in peace. If the space allows it, this is one of the most beautiful things you can do with a balcony.

5)    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: For those of you who remember the Mesopotamian Civilization from your middle school History books, you’ll remember that the

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gardens by King Hammurabi were the most beautiful thing created back then. Our idea is similar. We encourage you to make your balcony the green belt of your house. Make hanging planters or place tubs in the balcony and let Miss Green Fingers take over. Though it takes a sizeable amount of patience to get a garden in shape, a hanging garden in your balcony will be a pretty sight that you’ll be very proud of creating.

Create your balcony with a lot of love. Use any or all of the ideas above and make it a space that makes you happy and allows you to breathe.

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