4 Types of Balcony Designs and Decorating Ideas

Outdoors Dated:  Oct. 30, 2015
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Balcony Design Idea by Ar. Sameer Panchal

Your balcony can be that part of the house where you can be home while getting all the feel and fun of being outdoors. It is usually a place where you soak up the winter sun and sip cool lemonade on a shaded swing in summers. Whichever way you cut it, one thing is sure that it is a place in which you should put a lot of effort. This is why we have brought you some rather creative ideas for decorating your balcony.

Wood wicker balcony

Wood wicker balconyWood wicker balcony design by Architect Aamir Sharma

If you are one of those who like the touch and feel of wood, you can go with the wood and wicker theme. Simply buy some wood tiles which are available in all sorts of patterns and designs and cove the balcony floor with them. Now get some wicker chairs with comfy cushions. You could also place a woodsy table with similar chairs and finish it all up with some colorful cushions and seat covers.

Beach balcony

Beach balconyBeach balcony
Source: www.theinteriorproject.com

Want to feel that beach like sun and siesta. Get a hammock and hand it up on the balcony. But don’t just stop there you can actually hang an awning with some nice lattice work to create a shade. Put a small divan replete with silky round pillows, sparkly square cushions and drape it all in a color that enhances the sense of beach. Sea blues and foamy whites will definitely help in achieving that beach look.

Lounge balcony

Lounge balconyLounge balcony
Source: www.thevillaguide.coma

With some effort you can easily create a hotel like lobby or lounge area on your balcony. You could go for a trellis wall to create a style statement. You may cover it with floral vines or let it stand bare as just a rustic backdrop. Place a comfy couch right against it, so the trellis can be the back wall and in the front of the couch you could place a nice old trunk to be used as the coffee table. Now put few potted plants by the side of the couch and voila…your lounge is done.

Garden balcony

Garden balconyGarden balcony design by Architect Puran Kumar

You don’t need a whole yard to create a beautiful garden on your very own balcony. Balcony gardens are rather desirable, easy to manage and quite useful too. Many people use this area to plant herbs like lemon grass, coriander, rosemary and mint etc. You can put the flowers plants in containers of various sizes and colors to add that extra touch of bright and bold. With all this greenery surrounding you the best option is to throw in a little chaise lounge or a little couch to rest your weary body every now and then.

There is a lot more that you can do for your balcony décor apart from the ideas given above. For example a fresh and bold quote of paint can breathe an altogether new life into your balcony. Compliment it with an equally exquisite floor bedecked with a new set and pattern of tiles and you would have given a solid facelift to your balcony without even bringing many changes to it.

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