4 Balcony Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 25, 2016
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Balcony Kitchen Design Ideas

A typical Indian kitchen is just like any other room in the house- a four-walled space with a door and a window or two. Well, those days are gone! It’s contemporary and minimalistic that’s trending. Today’s kitchens are attached to the drawing rooms without a fourth wall, front-facing to the dining space or the living room. But there’s this new combination that is taking people’s hearts away- a balcony and a kitchen.

A balcony is that space of your home where you enjoy your 4 o’clock tea while having a little gossip with your spouse. Combining balcony with a kitchen is an amazing way to make your kitchen airier and brighter- something that may keep your mood cheered up while getting fussed with your daily kitchen duties. Here are the designs that are trending all over:

Workspace & kitchen with balcony

Workspace & kitchen with balconyWorkspace & kitchen with balcony
Image Source: www.decoist.com

This setup works wonders when you’ve got little space and you want to utilize it to the last inch possible. A study-cum-workspace near the kitchen saves you the time of having going to the kitchen for your favourite in-between-snacks, and the big glass-doored balcony keeps the mood fresh and the room bright.

Full-length balcony with a side kitchen

Full-length balcony with a side kitchenFull-length balcony with a side kitchen
Image Source: www.homeanddecor.com.sg

This one is my personal favourite! The wooden flooring in the balcony and the wooden look in the kitchen’s counter and adjacent shelfs just add up to the beauty. The kitchen is, however, small. This one is perfect for when you have a little corner space near the balcony. The white & brown combination of colours give it a natural and rustic look.

Kitchen with windows adjacent to the counter

Kitchen with windows adjacent to the counterKitchen with windows adjacent to the counter
Image Source: homeklondike.site

We’ve been talking all about balconies. Why don’t we just blend a balcony with a kitchen? Here, for instance, a balcony has been combined with a kitchen in such a way that one of the L-shaped counter is adjacent to the opening of the balcony. Yes, it could’ve been called a window, but there’s full-length glass, up to the height of the wall. So, it’s not a window.

Kitchen as an opening to the backyard garden

Kitchen as an opening to the backyard gardenKitchen as an opening to the backyard garden
Image Source: www.smalldesignideas.com

This is one of the most beautiful in this list. Intelligent utilisation of space has been done here by making the kitchen a part of way to the backyard garden. The setting makes for an enchanting and natural atmosphere in the kitchen while having all the amenities of a balcony. As a balcony, the opening has a seating space on an elevated platform which descends to the garden. If your home boasts of a backyard garden, this design should be your take. The white, black and grey colour themes make for a classic scene.

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