5 Inspirational Bar Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  April 6, 2016
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Bar Design Idea by Ar. Bindu Narayan

Sure, a bar can sustain only when it relentlessly serves its customer with good quality drinks. But thinking that the drinks alone will bring more patronage will be a real mistake. The design of the space, ambience and the overall energy the bar exudes plays a great role too in deciding whether or not your bar will be the talk of the town. Afterall, its not just the euphoria of sipping a drink that they come for. The customers look for a place to chill and have fun, which along with a shot or two of whisky or tequila, helps them see the better side of their life.

Talking about the design of a bar, every element, right from the building material to the lighting should be well thought of.

Basing your bar interiors on a theme is a good idea to begin with. Whether its a rugged or a glossy finish, every theme calls for a style that should be thoroughly maintained throughout with all the fittings and fixtures.

Here are glimpses of a few well created bars that can help you out if you are planning to open one.

These can be a great inspiration for your home bar too!!

Rustic old factory look

Going back to the medieval age (or even beyond), this bar has kept its design 'down to earth'. With earthy colours, exposed ducts and pipes, the design stands true throughout to its old factory look. Staying away from bright and flashy lights, and close to classic wooden furniture, the bar gives its customer a chance to escape into a simpler and rustic life, far from the hustle and bustle of the ever demanding urban life.

Bar CounterThe Bar Counter Design Idea by Architect Aamir Sharma

Going the industrial way

Industrial style is the new 'in' for bar interiors. When the world outside is full of overdone lights and  lustre, people can find solace in such a warm and under finished interiors.

From the ceiling to the floor, everything is kept as low as possible (on the sheen), which with its rawness compels the customer to sit for longer, enjoying the simplicity.

While the decor gives a no nonsense look, the design has been careful to proudly showcase all the exquisite drinks on offer adjoining a cool chalk board for listing the menu.

commercial bar designCommercial Bar Design by Architecture Firm CollectiveProject

Ocean Blue

When hitting a bar is once in a month affair, people won't mind going for a top – notch one. (not just in the price but with the look as well). The design below is of one such bar which wants to give its patrons a few hours of complete luxury while enjoying their drink.

bar designs for pubBar design for pub by Interior Design firm N. Goyal Associates

With illuminated bar counter and a dark lobby, the bar is silently beautiful, turning itself into an ultimate refuge to city dwellers.

Extravagant setting

Bars, as mentioned before, are always better when based on a theme. Bar designers  planning to design a bar that hosts extravagant bachelor or office parties can take a tip or two from the below designs. Needless to say, the lighting and the seat arrangement are the focal points of the design. The counters are designed differently from the usual linear ones enabling the guests to connect through the serving station.

Bar design ideaBar design idea
Image Source: www.mstylish.com

A happier mood

There is always a Bohemian take on any design. Infact, definition of Bohemian is quite blurred. What seems like a bohemian style to one can be a gorgeous twist to the usual design for other.

The bar below stands a class apart from the common ones. With generous white lights and hanging plants at the counter, the bar is a happy place spreading positivity all around.

The seats too play along with the unique blue cushions and wooden pillar styled legs.

bohemian style bar design ideaaBohemian style bar design idea
Image Source: interiorsbystudiom.com

Hope, by now you have some wacky ideas to rely on to make a bar – either a commercial one or one at your home sweet home.

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