BE OPEN - February 2014, Delhi

Events Diary Dated:  Jan. 20, 2014
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Like the Captain of a ship who cuts the ocean to take you on a voyage, like a pearl diver who jumps, into the heart of the ocean in search of a smooth, lustrous round structure inside the shell of an oyster, ignoring the perils of aliveness, dives in search of the jewel, knowing the waves can take away all his substance he jumps and when the diver gulps-in a mouthful of air; he holds a shining pearl in his hand. BE OPEN being the pearl diver, jumps into the ocean of talents called the land of culture, the symbol of unity in diversity, India.

BE OPEN launches a new award for the design world and their search for the future of creativity begins  in India. BE OPEN is a global initiative to nurture creativity and innovation, flacking new talents and ideas to figure out solutions for a better tomorrow.

Every year this organization comes up with a new theme, and the theme for the year ahead is to find out the hidden talents to join in the league. This year the foundation will involve a new generation of makers and designers, as well as students, academics and retail industry professionals. India has been chosen as the starting point for this talent hunt honor, not because of the fact that the culture of this country resides in the soul of every individual, but because our culture reveals  a cognitive and  a fascinating relationship between tradition and modernity.  If you turn back the pages of history you would acknowledge how the Indian craftsmen adorned and carved the beauty of  this nation. Indian craftsmen are known to be the creators of great skill in the field of manual arts. The journey of this discovery of new talents begins in India, the Indian sculptors & artists have passionately showed how to inlay marbles  and to weave in silk and mould in clay.

BE OPEN's new project "Made in India" is a way of Fostering Creativity for a Better Tomorrow.

The project will focus on to showcase furniture and tableware, textiles and jewels that reveal an imaginative reinterpretation of traditional craft skills by contemporary Indian designers. A range of pieces by approximately fifteen designers will be installed in the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in New Delhi, in a bespoke space created by architect Anupama Kundoo. She will also design a unified way of presenting the work, both graphically and from a branding point of view. Far from being an exhibition of contemporary craft, Made in India is an experimental approach to re-positioning locally made, handcrafted goods to give them global appeal.

This project basically aims to speak to a very wide audience; and what could be better than to organize the show at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi- which is a premier government founded Arts organization besides being an autonomous institution under the Union Ministry of Culture.

Nothing will be for sale, but the work will be

Casement or Openable Upvc Windows and Doors
Planters in Delhi
in a temporary space that has the feel of an entrepot, with names, labels and tags, shopping bags and display all reflecting the brandas essence: dynamic, contemporary craft, grounded in tradition, yet reinterpreted for today. This project will help the local and global markets, ensuring the fact that there is a great future for those who honor atimea and adopt new techniques, and will certainly create a better relationship between supply and demand.

Venue: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Art, Janpath, New Delhi

From: February 11, 2014   To: February 28, 2014

Timings: 10:30 am to 07:00 pm

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