Bedroom Art - "3 styles for you to experiment"

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 9, 2016
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Interior Designer Shadab Anwari

Art in the form of wall arts, paintings pieces of art etc are always welcome in our space for these change the very sense & perception of the place. They are a part of you, your choice that will adorn the aesthetics… be it black & white, monochrome or with all the colours available in the spectrum. It can bring an empty wall back to life, add an emotion, some drama to the space in case of pictures as art……

When your space is already full of furniture & show pieces where is the space for art??

  • Try to pre-plan if & what you want out of the art……is it temporary or permanent?
  • Space allocation- is it on the wall or in frames?
  • Character of the art- sometimes the colours we choose or pieces of art look good at the place of choice but won’t suit your place. For every piece has its own character, influence & drama it is better to be rest assured that the piece is well-fitted into your surroundings.
  • Many people choose to keep the inherent dead load less & decorate the place more by art- it is cost effective & more creative.

Let us glance through the options of what all could be available for us to do….

There are three styles you could adopt for the “BEDROOM ART” –

Wall art/ paintings:

Wall art/ paintingsWall art/ paintings
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Paintings bring your space alive, every morning you would wake up to your favourite scene & what is better than that?!

You could choose to have real-life scenes- skylines, sceneries, destinations etc….. or you choose abstract & vague expressions.

Bedroom Art IdeasBedroom Art Ideas
Image Source:                                                                               

You could even choose to have elements like trees, mandalas, sun & moon etc.

Artwork above BedArtwork above Bed
Image Source:

You can choose to have messages written as well!

Instead of painting the entire wall into some textured paint you would choose a piece where you want to express & moreover it now becomes an art over just painting the wall!!

Pictures / photographs:

Pictures & photographsPictures & photographs
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Pictures always remain such beautiful memories documented on paper, that every time you see it you relive the moment.

It is not only the people, the place but also the time we spent that flashes past us to leave a smile on our face.

Then why not have pictures itself to design your décor?

Frames when precisely planned create fantastic options better than wall art for decoration & moreover they can be re-located easily. Since the pictures hold memories they create an aura in the space-good or bad; hence be careful not to choose pictures with sad memories…..let everything in there be fondly remembered & cherished.

Pieces of art:

Pieces of artArt Pieces for Bedroom
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How often do we see stuff in the shops & long to buy it but don’t for we don’t know how & where to use it?!

It’s time for all those stuff to come out…..from dream catchers to that fancy wall hang cloth to the ir-relatable bedspread…..every piece of interior decoration ever bought can be manipulated & put up to create nothing short of an amazing décor!

Try to match all your different items on some scale; maybe all have some lighter background shade or they contrast each other totally or you adopt a monochrome theme.

Add some greens to elevate the spirits & some colours to escalate the drama. Trust me you wouldn’t be disappointed with the results!

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