7 Bedroom Attic Design Ideas

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 7, 2016
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Bedroom Attic Design Idea

Attic is known to be one of the most unused spaces of the house along with under-designed. This kind of space is most commonly used as a storage area wherein you keep your old clothes, junk, antiques and all kinds of non- useful materials. However, this scenario of creating a useful space into boring can be eliminated by transforming a space. It can be made possible by remodeling the space.

Attic BedroomAttic Bedroom
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There are some vague reasons why we leave it spare. It is important to talk about them as it may help us to overcome them.

Short of ideas:

Main reason why we leave the space empty or for irrelevant use is because we sometimes get short of ideas. 

Lack of knowledge:

This is also one of the most important reasons, as an attic space can be made into an attractive room. However, it is common that we are unaware regarding how to design it.

Small Attic Bedroom DesignSmall Attic Bedroom Design
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This maybe the case but it is very important that we all know that an attic bedroom can be used as a guest room, a study room for any of your family member or any other way. It can be made with good style and design even if it is small. Some of the tips you can use for decorating your attic bedroom are:

Decorating theme:

It is considered best to think smartly while choosing your decorating theme because wise decision can make your attic bedroom look larger than it is. One thing which needs to be avoided in a small room is clutter as it makes the largest room look cramped. Using minimal interior decorating things at times also makes your room look bigger or spacious.

Bedroom Attic Design IdeasBedroom Attic Design Ideas
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Furniture and accessories placement:

It is one of the most important decisions while planning to design your attic bedrooms as it sometimes takes up a lot of space that makes you room look chaotic. When you want to make a choice regarding decorating your attic bedroom, your must also consider Feng Shui as using some elements can not just bring in the right energies but also make your room look elegant. It is always recommended to place the furniture away from the doorways as it helps make a room look bigger when it has a straightforward access.

Small Attic Bedroom IdeasSmall Attic Bedroom Ideas
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Also, using small or medium sized furniture is best in small attic bedrooms. We must go for under-bed storage instead of stand alone cabinets as it helps us to make the room look larger along with the storage for clothing.


Different shades of the paint play a key role in making a bedroom look bigger as color has its own say. It is rightly said that white color helps eliminating the small feeling of a room. However, it must not be taken for granted. In order to make your room look bigger you can simply choose colors which are brighter. Sticking to a monochromatic decorating theme may also help. You can actually add charm to your bedroom by making one of the walls of your room painted in an intense color.

Attic Bedroom Decorating IdeaAttic Bedroom Decorating Idea
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Be careful regarding the floor material while making a decision regarding the type of room you want as it may vary. For a bedroom to operate it requires sturdy floor as it requires heavy furniture to be placed.

Classic Attic Bedroom Design IdeaClassic Attic Bedroom Design Idea
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Ventilation not just helps look a bedroom good but also makes it feel good. It must be the first thing you consider while dressing up your attic. Two important things which we need to keep in mind while deciding windows are air and natural light. Being at higher places, attic bedrooms have an advantage of having both. Skylights are main elements that give life to the attic bedrooms. Dormers as well are advised for attics.

Attic Bedroom for KidsAttic Bedroom for Kids
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These techniques can surely make your attic bedroom look cozy, comfortable and a nice & relaxing space.

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