7 Evergreen Colour schemes for your bedroom

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 20, 2016
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Bedroom Color Scheme Idea by Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

Your Bedroom is a room you can style in your own way. Your suggestions on painting the rest of the rooms may or may not get enough nods but when its your bedroom, you are your own master.

Even though there is no 'good' or 'bad' colours while doing a room, it is quite essential to know the 'perfect couple'(in colours). Your furniture, curtains, walls -everything needs to combine well for a bedroom to look 'well created'.

So if your bedroom is waiting for that moment, here are a few evergreen colour schemes that are versatile enough to suit every taste.

1. Royal blue and peaceful white

Royal blue and peaceful whiteRoyal blue and peaceful white Bedroom Designed by Interior Designer Deepa Raj

This is a colour combination that will never fail you in looks. A bit of royal blue when combined with generous amount of white can make a small bedroom look large and spacious. To add to the brightness, sheer curtains in either of the two colours can be used.

In fact white and off-white colours are so versatile that they can be a perfect match for any other colour.

2. Brightness in yellow and blue

It's not completely true that two bright colours never make a good match. When the two are at two ends of  the colour spectrum, the combination can bring the room alive.
Blue and bright yellow is one such combination.

Blue and yellow gold bedroomBlue and yellow gold bedroom
Image Source: http://cdn.decoist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Midnight-blue-and-yellow-gold-bedroom.jpg

Headboard and ottoman table are done in midnight blue while the sofa chairs are in bright yellow which gets a defining border with blue again. To bring both the colours together white has been used in plenty.

3. Vibrant red with soothing white

Red, which stands for vibrance and passion when combined with the tender and tranquil white can give a balanced look to your room reflecting both energy and peace at the same time. To avoid a dark and dull look, restrain red to one of the walls.

Bedroom Color SchemeBedroom Color Scheme Designed by Architecture firm InFORM Architects

4. The rising Sun

Color Combinations for Home Decor with orange wallColor Combinations for Home Decor with orange wall
Image Source: http://www.baume.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Unusual-Color-Combinations-for-Home-Decor-with-orange-wall.jpg

Orange and Yellow are like siblings. When these come together, the scene is bright and cheerful. The above bedroom shows it how.

Each element is given this dual tone – whether its the bed, the curtains or the walls. To bring depth to the room, black and brown have been used, though sparingly.

The view is of warm yet soft sun  rising in your bedroom.

5. Coloured black and white

Not all of us like to paint our room with vibrant, dark colours. Many of us want a more peaceful and calm look which is soothing to eyes. Black and white are surely in the list for such a concept.

This black (or grey) and white combination can be made more interesting with a tinge of yellow. For those who might say that black and white can never be attractive, the use of yellow can make them change their view.

black white bedroomBlack white bedroom
Image Source: http://cf.remodelaholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/grey-yellow-bedroom1.jpg

6. Happy teenage bedroom

teenage bedroom paint scheme ideas blue and pink colorTeenage bedroom paint scheme ideas blue and pink color
Image Source: http://www.primainteriors.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/teenage-bedroom-paint-scheme-ideas-blue-and-pink-color.jpg

When your teen aged daughter picks pink or blue every time you go for shopping, know that these are colours that can make her happy. So why not get her room painted in pink and blue ? Given above is a perfect inspiration. The walls behind the bed is made rich with blooming tree on soft blue  walls while the bed is given a happy look  with just the right shade of pink for the linen.
White, as always, bring the colours together.

7. Bold look

Bedroom Color Scheme IdeaBedroom Color Scheme Designed by Architecture Firm Amit Walavalkar Adorn Space Concepts Pvt Ltd

For those who want to reflect their boldness  in their bedroom, brown is the colour to go with. Rich dark brown goes well with creamy white and off-white shades that on one hand give you the boldness while white makes it plush and luxurious.

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