3 Bedroom curtain IDEAS!!

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 11, 2016
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Bedroom Curtain Ideas by Interior Designer firm Zerogravitystudio

Any room, be it living or bedroom needs some light & protection from excess of it. While doing your interiors yourself or at least selecting the curtains you should know it’s basics-what to select & where to put.

Since I have already written an article on curtains in living room covering the general aspect & idea of using curtains, in this article I shall cover as to how different we can put these curtains to use in our bedrooms to create a dazzling interior without much expenditure!

Curtains in Bedroom are an important affair. Bedrooms are areas that are mostly used for sleeping i.e. at night. The most important aspect of all is; do you need curtains at all? Lighter ones or thick? Two layered?

In the modern homes since spaces are small we make them multi-functional & hence bedrooms are also multi-functional.

Ascertain your functions according to the spaces & plan your curtains according to your requirement!

There are broadly three ways in which curtains can be used in bedrooms-


Window curtainsWindow curtains
Image Source: www.westermanfam.blogspot.com                                                        www.livingroomideas.com

Window curtains can be experimented with in terms of colours-light or dark; texture- linen/ coarse / embroidered; layers- single transparent/ double layered, one transparent, one thick or one thick.

Every type of curtain adds a different feel to the space & creates a different atmosphere. Also the type of curtain determines the natural lighting of the space & hence the mood. Dim lighted space could create dull mood & well lit space could create an enthusiastic space.

Bedroom Curtain IdeaBedroom Curtain Idea
Image Source: www.budgetblinds.com                                                                                        www.elledecor.com

There are various options available other than just conventional cloth curtains. These both can be paired up together & used according to the requirement.


curtain partition bedroomCurtain Partition Bedroom
Image Source: www.todaysparent.com                                                                         www.edensbouquet.com

Curtains can effectively be used as partitions to divide your room space.

Imagine situations where the room is on twin-sharing basis or in cases when you might want to segregate you bed space from the rest of the room.

curtain partition ideasCurtain Partition Ideas
Image Source: www.decoraid.com                                                              www.etsy.com

Canopy bed

Canopy bedsBedroom Curtain Idea
Image Source: www.rstyle.me                                                                                www.domainehome.com

Canopy beds are typically those princess beds from fairy-tale stories where you have curtains flowing from the top of your bed creating an enclosure for you to sleep.

These can be suspended from frame above your bed or from your ceiling whichever is suitable.

& here are a few more designs I smuggled from the internet to soothen your eyes & steal your hearts <3

Curtain Designs for BedroomCurtain Designs for Bedroom
Image Source: www.digsdigs.com

Curtains around your bed can be lit up using Christmas lights for a more cosy & snuggle bedroom scenario!!

Care should be taken to properly implement the lights so that accidents due the heating of the lights is avoided.

Bedroom Curtain IdeasBedroom Curtain Ideas
Image Source: www.kuaibozz.com                                                                         www.hippie-vi-bes.tumblr.com

Using colourful printed curtain/cloth pieces around your bed or in your room will eliminate the need for having to spend on walls & paints.

These are temporary yet adorable options for you to get your dream “teen-bedroom”!!

Kids Room CurtainsKids Room Curtains
Image Source: www.onekindesign.com                                                                               www.decoholic.com

If you are a fan of stories & movies, go ahead & create some fantastic scenes such as these in your room !!

So what are you waiting for….

go ahead…

add some curtains & some fun to your room & life!!

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