Bedroom with dressing area - 3 Awesome Ideas

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 17, 2016
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Bedroom Dressing Design Idea, Image Source:

Dressing area is a necessity in these days when our houses are shrinking & bedrooms & bathrooms are just enough to accommodate the sanitary fittings & us.

A dressing area typically includes your dressing table with the mirror, area for your clothes & some additional storage.

A bedroom space with a dressing area maybe conceived in various forms- you can choose to have partitions & divide the same space, put to use a small unused rooms etc.

Things to remember –

  • Access your area available & select your dressing area type accordingly.
  • Pre-plan the amount of storage required.
  • Decide where to have your table, clothes & storage for it should not hinder the movement in the room & should also be in close proximity to your bath.


Closet-typeBedroom Dressing Area Idea

The conventional closet or wardrobe can be converted into a full-blown dressing area element by doing a few modifications. In this case the bedroom space itself doubles up as the dressing area.

You save space & make your space multi-functional-dual advantage.

For those who have space constraint, could use this option to their benefit. Just adjust & fit-in a little dressing table & mirror & voila…. Your dressing area is ready!!

Walk-in wardrobe cum dresser:

Walk-in wardrobe cum dresserWalk-in wardrobe cum dresser

The most cherished & desired by all, walk-in wardrobes are a dream come true for all!!

If there is umpteen space you can choose to have a segregated area as the dressing area & in cases where there is moderately available space you can make a partition en-route your bath & convert that space into the dressing area.

In such a case, firstly, your dressing area & bedroom is separated; secondly you have an enclosed dresser.  

Open type:

Open typeDressing Room in Bedroom Design Idea

Open dressers are the most efficient options & of course choice of a younger age group when everything you own needs to be displayed.

Whether lot of space or not, these fit in into any décor anywhere & will add the colours of your closet to the décor of your room.

This set-up can be re-arranged whenever required to re-define your space all over.

Here I have some more styles & themes for you to experiment!!

Bedroom Dressing IdeasBedroom Dressing Ideas

Try some monochrome simplistic pattern arrangement; easy to make & merrier to look. Such make-shift dressers aid in the frequent re-arrangement & thus renovation of the room.

Bedroom with Dressing Room DesignBedroom with Dressing Room Design

It’s not just about the space you allot but about what you use in the space too!! Your furniture creates huge impact on the quality of the space. Keep it simple & make it look the way that will create a good atmosphere. Natural timber finish often creates a good aura.

Last but not the least, experiment with the spaces; in terms that do not restrict yourself to conventional typologies……eliminate certain things you might not need & incorporate some that you might need. Find nooks & corners where you can fit in your dresser if compact.

Choose some custom, antique pieces & put them up together for a more creative interior.

Make it colourful & useful!!

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