7 Easy Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  April 4, 2016
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Bedroom Interior Decoration Idea by MADS Creations

Whether you had a splendid day or not, a good night's sleep to unwind and relax is something we all deserve. Bedrooms are meant to be the most comfortable private space one can have and we all usually  design them keeping in mind this very comfort quotient.  While we are successful in making a comfortable sanctuary, they may often tend to give a dull and bland look.

A little thought into designing and you can turn your bedroom 'interestingly' comfortable. Here are some ideas that can fit into your budget and style.

1. Stunning accent walls:

Accent walls are always a great idea to add a punch to a space – whether it is the living room or the bedroom. In a bedroom, the wall behind the bed is usually the one that is picked for accenting.

You can see how the lime yellow walls have shed the dullness with a blooming 3D tree mural.

Stunning accent wallsStunning accent wall design by Architect Debarati Bhattacharjee

2. Captivating headboards:

Headboards are another creative way of saving the room from boredom. Even if there aren't many fascinating decor elements in the bedroom, one or two, like a stunning headboard can give that much needed attention and pleasantness to the bedroom.

headboards designs for bedHeadboards Designs for Bed
Image Source: www.detroitairportshuttle.net

3. Neon Lighting:

How about illuminating your room with warm neon lights? When the bright lights are turned off, you get to experience a more enriching scene. How enriching it would be? Well, the image below will give you a better picture.

Neon LightingNeon Lighting Design Idea by Interior Designer Sonali Shah

4. False ceiling:

False ceiling are the 'new evergreen' decor element to go with. With a plethora of  electrifying designs available in the market, this will be the one thing you will need to make your room look 'heavenly'.

False ceilingFalse ceiling Design by Interior Designer Sandesh Prabhu

5. Unusual Pendant lights:

Pendant lights may be an unusual scene in a bedroom. But then, its our 'private room' and we have the sole right to decorate it, don't we? If a set of pendant lights can give an ethereal feel to your room, then why not!

Here, two sets of warm pendant lights, resembling a wind chime, flank the pure white bed, enveloping it in a heavenly aura.

bedroom decor ideaBedroom Decor Idea
Image Source: houzmagz.com

6. Colour compliments:

When your pocket does not allow you to go for fanciful elements, think harder and decorate your room cheaper.

 A good colour/shade chosen for the decor can impart a tremendous look to the interiors.

The bedroom below shows you the way. With sea blue shade chosen for the bed linen and the curtains, the large room gets a pleasant look, which is not necessarily feminine.

bedroom decorating ideasBedroom Decorating ideas
Image Source: www.dervisoglumobilya.com

7. Area rugs:

As simple and humble an object as an area rug can transform the look of your room. All you need to make sure is to place it in a position that brings out the best of it.

bedroom area rug ideaBedroom area rug idea
Image Source: decorcology.com

This area rug screams out as though saying “Do not underestimate the power of area rugs!!”.

With ethnic prints, this give a dashing contrast to the minimal design on the bed linen.

There are no binding rules when we are decorating our home, and all the more so when its our own bedroom. Anything and everything that suits 'our taste' can make it to our room. One and only condition – it should make the room better.

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