4 Bedroom lighting Ideas

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 15, 2016
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Bedroom Lighting Idea by Ar. Bipratip Dhar

Lighting in any space should be just appropriate- not more not less. There is always a conflict between natural light & the lights we have installed i.e. artificial lighting, which should be tactfully managed. 

Lighting a space also depends on the level/height on which the light is required; for instance a study table & a side table may not require the same lighting, likewise a reading corner/ couch & a bed spaces might require variation in the level of lighting depending upon the user of the space.

  • Analyse the space which would need light even in day & the space which wouldn’t need any light until night.
  • Again there are spaces like bedroom [excluding study/children’s bedroom] which would only be used at night & hence the main focus there would be night lamps.
  • In case of study/ children’s bedroom activities will happen all day round hence it will require multi-purpose lighting.
  • Figure out how many & what layers of lighting are required- night lamp & ceiling light are different in use & intensity.

In this article we shall concentrate on how to put up lights in our bedroom & make it look good as well as function good.

Let’s get started…

Conventional ceiling lights:

Conventional ceiling lightsConventional Ceiling Lights
Image Source: www.roohome.com

This is one of the typical interior lighting options chosen for this is the conventional Indian-household style, easy to/ nil maintenance & safe to handle.

These serve as excellent options when it comes to layering of lights for it serves as the top-most, non-interrupted light source.

As compared to wall or down hangs these lights owing to their small size & large number of lights that are paired up, are efficient for only those lights needed from the entire lot can be switched on.

Side table lights:

Side table lightsSide table lights
Image Source: www.planete-deco.fr                                                                                 www.diynmagazine.com

All of us have heard about bed-side lamps- for reading or as night lamps; why not experiment with them?!

Bunch of bulbs, lighting over a plant….why not?!  However these lights could be potential sources of heat, not much but a little & also these may not be safe if there are children around.

These serve as pieces of decoration cum lighting & hence are to be catered to & provided for accordingly.

Dual bedside lights:

Dual bedside lightsDual bedside lights
Image Source: www.adelto.co.uk

It is pretty much the same as side-table lighting except the fact that this being on both sides of the bed provides equal & uniform lighting.

Down-hangs i.e. like the one shown above are decorative cum functional & aren’t dangerous around children for they can ended at a higher height for safety.

These & side-table lighting form the second layer of lighting.

Chandelier lighting:

Chandelier lightingChandelier lighting
Image Source: www.apartmentheraphy.com                                                                                      www.beneathmyheart.net

Chandeliers or central lights form the tertiary layer of lighting. These light up the entire room on average & spread/ diffuse light equally in all directions.

These usually come with regulators & their light levels can be set & adjusted according to the requirement.

More over these again serve as central pieces of showcase & add elegance & posh to your bedroom.

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