Bedroom Organization Tips!! - Creating your Own Space

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  June 22, 2016
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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia

1. The Furniture 

While choosing furniture for your room make sure,

The piece compliments your room profile.

Medium Sized RoomMedium Sized Room
Image Courtesy-

*Efficient use of Corners  

Corner DesignCorner Design
Image Courtesy-

Choose multifunctional furniture to save space

The use of a foldable double bed might help in saving space. 

Foldable double bed Foldable double bed
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Seat with Storage-

Image Courtesy-

Side Table Cum Dresser-

Side TableSide Table
Image Courtesy- POPSUGAR photography

Work Space by the Bed-

Work SpaceWork Space
Image Courtesy-

Storage- Bed

Storage BedStorage Bed
Image Courtesy-

Compact Units-

CompactCompact Unit
Image Courtesy-

Chair with Book Shelf-

Book ShelfBook Shelf
Image Courtesy-

Compact Dresser-

Image Courtesy-

Furniture for storage should be easy to use & clean.

Furniture Design


Furniture DesignFurniture Design

The furniture needn’t be fixed at a place so that it can be moved around once in a while to change the interior of your bedroom.

Efficient Utilization Of Space & Wood-

1.  Storage Under The Bed-

Image Courtesy-,,

Space below your bed can be efficiently utilised to store “frequently-used” yet not so important stuff. It saves your space & provides a clutter-free space.

2. Stacking Above Headboard –

Image Courtesy-,,

Spaces above your headboards can be used to build a DIY bookshelf, photo display area or a nice lamp shade area.

This removes the clutter off your tables & makes them go vertical, look elegant & makes for a great “above your head at night wonder”!!

3. Turning Bedside Tables into Dressers or Work Spaces-  

Tables Into DressersTables Into Dressers
Image Courtesy-,

4. Going Verticle-

Image Courtesy-,,,

Going vertical in storage helps you lessen the storage on floor hence increasing the floor space. 

Also making such a vertical statement draws the vision upwards giving an illusion of a larger space.

5. Decoding Closet –

Closet StorageCloset Storage
Image Courtesy-,,

Maintaining a compact closet is a crucial thing. 

So be it a nook or a small room or even a door, you can arrange your goodies using some rods to hang on, baskets to keep in & some hangers.

6. Customizing Your Ancellory Stuff –

Ancellory StuffAncellory Stuff
Image Courtesy-,,,

Be it your accessories, stationary or anything, all of them in organised spaces will definitely make your space look better.

While things like stapler, scissors etc. can go into segregated compartments of designated drawers; your jewellery can go into old crockery; your files can go into a customised desk with vertical storage.

You will not only like the clutter free space but also love your customised space.

#Tips For Making Your Tiny Abode Look Big …

  • Use light colours for painting the interiors
  • Using mirrors can help create an illusion of vast space
  • De-clutter your room & get rid of unwanted stuff
  • Keep your windows clear & hang your curtains high so that light isn’t obstructed.
  • Customise the room to reflect your inner self- use a dash of your favourite colours, choose pillows with funky prints & choose on the photos you want to hang on the wall.

Have Fun Customising Your Space….

Thank You For Reading…… Hope You Like It.

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