5 Bedroom Seating Spaces Ideas

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 1, 2016
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Bedroom Design with Sofa, Image Source: www.nowcultured.com

Everyone loves their bedroom!!

Private. Cosy. Intimate. Peaceful.

Now how about adding some more features to it? 
So now I’m going to help you set your own cosy seating in your own bedroom.

Here are some tips before we get started:

  • Assess the space you have and decide on the size and elaborateness of the furniture.
  • Select a theme for your space so you don’t mess up with the existing one.[ if at all you are planning on adding new furniture]
  • Figure out the need, as in is it a one man room or a couple? And according buy your chair or sofa.
  • Placement of the sofa should be sorted, as to where do you want it to go; do you want it to be a single piece or attached to your bed.
  • Do not place the seating in place which will congest your walking space.
  • Attach an ancillary purpose to it other than just being a seating; for instance a seat near a book shelf or a sofa for your bedroom T.V.

1. Sofa at the end of the bed!!

Sofa Design in BedroomSofa Design in Bedroom
Image Source: www.huz.name

Here the sofa functions as an extended foot spacer for the bed. Also you can have a tepoy and create a mini-waiting or conversation space right in your bedroom.

Sofa DesignSofa Design
Image Source: www.huz.name

This also makes for a great space to watch your T.V or may be an extra couch.

Sofa DesignSofa Design for Bedroom
Image Source: www.memorabledecor.com

You can customize it the way you want. Keep it at height like a normal sofa or lay it on the ground like a “DIWAN”.

2. Statement sofa

Bedroom Design with SofaBedroom Design with Sofa
Image Source: www.nowcultured.com

Sometimes the sofa itself defines your room. It helps your allocate and divide your space inside the bedroom itself.

This is obviously a posh option where you should have a lot of space and funding.

If you wish to incorporate this into a smaller space you must make sure you scale down the furniture.

Make sure you have enough walking space beside the bed and in front of the sofa; it shouldn’t look a misfit, which would ruin the purpose.

3. Minimalistic

Minimalistic Bedroom DesignMinimalistic Bedroom Design
Image Source: www.designingcity.com

You could divide your mattress itself into a seating space and your sleep space.

This works when you have a smaller space and are into minimalism.

Make sure your seat faces something substantial for if it faces the wall it is a waste.

4.  Chair business

Bedroom Furniture DesignBedroom Furniture Design
Image Source: www.huz.name

Always suit your space. A single sofa would also serve the purpose for a morning cup of coffee and newspaper time.

The most important aspect is where you place it is what matters. Let it be near a book corner or near the window or any space where you get ample natural light so that you enjoy the space.

5.  Compact solutions 

Modern Sofa DesignModern Sofa Design
Image Source: www.highwayswest.com

Have you ever thought of having a bubble chair? It can go in your bedroom, can be relocated to your balcony and it is soooooo much FUN!! 

Stools DesignStools Design
Image Source: www.kranjang.com

Two small stools placed at the right location can also serve the purpose. It is actually more young and playful for you rearrange then almost everyday instantly. 

Bedroom Design Bedroom Design
Image Source: www.zootlux.com

Seating can also be as simple as a slab or plank by your window. It saves a lot of space; gives you storage space and it is perfect seating for an apartment. It serves as a sleep space a seat and a sofa. WOW!!

                      THANK YOU FOR READING…… HOPE YOU LIKE IT  

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