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Wall Accents Dated:  Jan. 29, 2014
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Have you ever noticed that most home owners tend to overlook the bedroom when it comes to wall decor? You go through the entire house and find pictures and art work lining the hall way, stairs, sitting room and even the patio, but the bedroom will be sans decor, especially when it comes to the walls. What they do have on the bed room wall usually is a television set which is totally inappropriate, since the bedroom is supposed to be the room where both your mind and body find rest. 
Types of bedrooms:

•    Master bedroom
•    Teen bedroom
•    Kids bedroom
•    Guest bedroom


Master bedroom wall decor:
This is quite often the largest bedroom and is designed especially to create privacy, rest and comfort. And, that is what the walls should reflect as well. Just decide upon what you would like to surround yourself with and what would you like to see around you when you wake up. Be it a sunrise, a leafy tree or a sea shore. You can create it all through wall mountings, paintings, wall papers, posters, rugs and even plates. Having hidden lights mounted on the ceiling and walls are also a good idea to create that relaxed feeling.


Teen Bedroom:
If your teen is a girl, she is going to have the butterflies, stars and like it or not – wall posters of handsome hunks. On the other hand if it is boy he is going to surround himself with all sorts of biking, motoring and body building paraphernalia. Both will need a good amount of shelves and mantles to show their trophies, likes and preferences. It is going to be a very personal space and will be decorated by them on their own, one way or another.


Kids’ bedroom:
You could play an

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role in decorating the walls of this one. Just take him or her with you on a virtual tour of what can be had on his or her walls and have a gala time. Children can be pretty imaginative and demanding. Just make sure that you keep the health and safety aspects in mind while creating an atmosphere for your little ones. Kids love to have a starry sky on the ceiling and the walls can be peppered with the wall butterflies and fairies or with the wall stick-on of Superman and batman. Another good idea is to let your kids paint the walls to their liking. Let the artist in your kid on the loose and see how creative they can get.


Guest Bedroom:
This is one room where you can keep the walls rather traditional and chose a theme in sync with the room decor. Best keep it classic yet modern. A few tastefully done wall hangings can make all the difference. You could let the artist within you lose on this one and create a totally ethnic Indian or a completely westernized minimalist look.
The best way is to just close your eyes and in your mind

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what is it that you wish to have around you? What is it that you would like to be greeted by each morning when you open your eyes? Once you are clear in your mind about the look and feel, you can go shopping to make those images come true.




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