11 Bedroom with Dressing Table Designs

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 18, 2017
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Bedroom with a dressing tableBedroom with a dressing table
Image source: http://www.homedit.com/

A dressing table is a table with a set of drawers and mirror.  The location of a dressing table is usually within the bedroom space. The design of your dressing table must complement with the bedroom theme and the bed’s style and tone for better aesthetics.  Letus look at some designs of bedroom with dressing tables.

The size of the dressing table depends on the user’s need. It can come with multiple drawers and gigantic mirrors.

Bedroom wardrobeBedroom wardrobe
Image source: http://omborokko.com/

This is a vintage themed bedroom, the theme being emphasised by the furniture lore. The bed, dressing table, exquisite mirror all complement with the light tone of the room and are standalone features.  Notice the design of the dressing table with the shape of the mirror and pull out drawers.

Black and white themed bedroomBlack and white themed bedroom
Image source: http://www.scra.co/

This is a black and white themed bedroom. Notice the linear mirror on the dressing table. The mirror is usually the element which defines the size of the dressing table. The contemporary design of the bedroom is defined by the furniture it has and the drawers on the dressing denote this style.

Bedroom with dressing tableBedroom with dressing table
Image source: http://store.focusonfurniture.com.au/

This is a subtle yet bold example of a bedroom with dressing table. Wood is clear cut and present everywhere from the floor to the furniture. The mirror is defined and has wide drawers complementing the height of the mirror. It is presented immediately adjacent to the bed.

decorating design with natural colordecorating design with natural color
Image source: http://www.blazzinghouse.com/

The mirror is circular and almost every element is linear in this set. The drawers on the uppermost shelf of the drawer hold some space for photo frames and other essentials. There is a play of transparency and opaque features in objects here.The mirror, the thick cushion like blankets, the pendant lighted.

Black and white themed bedroomBlack and white themed bedroom
Image source: http://homedesignlover.com/

A vintage black and white themed bedroom. Elliptical mirror with a similar shaped bed. A concave opening in seater with multiple drawers just by the bed. The size of the dressing table is small and balances the enormity of the chandelier and the bed.

Master bedroomMaster bedroom
Image source: http://www.rappitup.co

This is a recessed design of a dressing table. The table blends in with the wall with the seater alone standing out. This technique saves space and can be useful with bedrooms having limited space. The dressing table is both unique and blends in with the atmosphere.

Modern style bedroom dressing tableModern style bedroom dressing table
Image source: http://www.gharexpert.com/

This is a modern style of bedroom dressing table. The mirror is arched and the seater enables more view of one’s self. This is located by the side of the room denoting more space specifically given for dressing and makeup. The drawers are standard. The colour every material suits one another.

small dressing tablesmall dressing table
Image Source: http://homedesignlover.com/

These designs contain a small dressing table that is usually useful for touch- ups that can be done in standing positions.

corner dressing tablecorner dressing table

The corner dressing table. A defined space. This set is attached to the bedside drawers and has its own additional drawers also. This example has a small sized mirror but that can vary with the user’s interest. It can be any corner of the bedroom. The corner by the window or the corner by the entrance!

Dressing TableDressing table
Image source: http://bedroomwardrobesvos.blogspot.in/

Space for this design of a dressing table is specifically allotted. It is opposite the bedside and by the window. The cupboards nearby allow easy access to dresses and help in multiple trails of costumes. This is very efficient in function and helps in saving space also.

The size of a dressing table, the shape of the mirror, the colour and tone of the seater,drawers,the location of the dressing table,etc all depend on the user’s wish and can be designed accordingly.

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