20 Recommended Lighting Products for Modern Houses

Home Lighting Dated:  Dec. 10, 2015
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Ceiling Lights

Just like any other element of home decor, lightings and fixtures can define your taste and personality. Right selection of lights  gives  an opulent touch to your house making it a class apart no matter how simple or luxurious your house is.

Here are some great  products for you to choose from-

1. Oriel LED Wall light:

Oriel LED Wall LightBuy Oriel LED Wall Light
Price -Rs 2000.00/-
Company: Philips

This LED wall light can perfectly compliment  almost all your rooms. Fix it on the  walls of your master bedroom or the  balcony for that soothing and pleasant atmosphere while having a playful  chat with your soulmate or on the walls ascending the stairs-this is going to be the star of the house when the sun goes down.

2. Illuminated Planter Chiara Lighting:

Illuminated Planter Chiara LightingAvailable at : Sereno

Are you planning to throw a lawn party or arrange a grand function  at your home and wondering how to go about with the arrangement? This magnificent planter light is probably where your search ends. This giant yet mesmerising combo of art, elegance and technology will just be the star of the night. Just place it on the lawn. The dashing warm yellow planter light is waterproof to IP 65.However, the plug should be kept well protected from water.

3. Garden/Outdoor Lights:

Garden, though outdoors, is  an integral part of our home and needs no less glamour  than any other area.At day, it can speak about its beauty of its own, but as it darkens, gardens too need something to  bring it alive.

These  mystique garden lights can add charm to the exteriors besides expelling the darkness and can sure be a cynosure.

Louvered Garden LightsBuy Louvered Garden Light
Priced at: Rs 1722
Company : Decon Lighting
Gate Post Light LanternBuy Gate Post Light Lantern
Priced at: Rs 3400
Company : Decon Lighting

Modernity inspired from the  ancient lantern lights gives this Gate Post Light Lantern a contemporary look.

4. Pillar Lights:

Grand pillar lights are always a thing of pride. Whether with intricate, eclectic patterns or classy plain textures, these lights ornaments the building like no other.

Pillars German shield LightBuy Pillars German shield Light
Company: Sthetix in Stone

5. Decorative Wall Lamps:

Lamps today are not just a source  of light but an excellent way of decorating the walls. Available in unique  patterns, colours and textures, these can easily subtitute those expensive wall paintings to beautify your walls.

Love bird green and white modern decorative lampLove bird green and white modern decorative lamp
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/love-bird-green-and-white-modern-decorative-wall/B015E93BQQ/
Company: Craftter

6. Floor Lamps:

Floor lamps are the most versatile of the lighting products since it can be carried anywhere to create the perfect ambience. These can be kept both indoors and outdoors  to lit up the space with a tinge of warmth.

KTribe F3 Outdoor Floor LampBuy KTribe F3 Outdoor Floor Lamp
Company: Flos
KraftInn Tattva Floor Lamp
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/kraftinn-tattva-floor-lamp/B00XT3PE10/
Company: KraftInn

This floor lamp is yet another perfect addition to your contemporary decor. Weaved out of bamboo nets into  intricate rustic pattern, this charming and classy piece of floor lamp will enhance the look of your living room or sit out area.

Wooden Floor Lamp in Pyramid Shape Modern DesignWooden Floor Lamp in Pyramid Shape Modern Design
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/hashcart-wooden-floor-lamp-in-pyramid-shape-modern/B0185YVWFE/
Company: Hashkart

This pyramid shaped floor lamp is more than a lighting product. It's a masterpiece art that will awe the onlookers and  no doubt, compliments are sure to follow. What more? Fix an electric bulb and you wont help gazing at this work of art.

7. Table/Study Lamps:

Table lamps comes in different models and for different functions.We all respect the privacy of others and never like to create inconvenience for them. It might be sleep time for some and study time for others and when that happens when you are sharing a room, table lights are the only way out.

Wood Table LampBuy Wood Table Lamp
Company: Philips
Melon with Earings Table LampBuy Melon with Earings Table Lamp
Company: Sthetix in Stone

This  melon with earrings table lamp is a perfect example of craft with perfection. The bedroom looks complete with a bed flanked by these fine piece of beauty.

8. Speciality Lights:

These, as the name suggests, are lights that give special effects to the room in which it is fixed.

Sea Turtle Night Light Star Constellation LED Child Sleeping Projector LampSea Turtle Night Light Star Constellation LED Child Sleeping Projector Lamp
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/sea-turtle-night-light-star-constellation-led-child/B00OEA6NPI/
Company: FirstChoiceale

Kids love to live in the fantasy world they see in movies and books. Although its not possible in the real world to get moon, stars or aquatic lives to sleep next to them, we can definitely make it in reel. So, whether you have crazy astronauts longing to go for a space journey or tiny tots admiring the aquatic life,  you can give wings to their dreams.

9. Chandeliers:

Chandeliers are one of the oldest and classic lighting products  which has been a symbol of royalty and elegance and they  are never out of fashion.Even today, Chandeliers are the first  choice for the dining or living area for many of us. It sets the perfect mood for any occasion.

Kiran crystal wall lite 6652Kiran crystal wall lite 6652
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/kiran-crystal-wall-lite-6652/B00YXNDIHM/
Company: Lalit Lamp Shades
Modern Chandelier rain drop Lighting Fixtures Pendant ceiling lampModern Chandelier rain drop Lighting Fixtures Pendant ceiling lamp
Buy: https://www.amazon.com/Chandelier-Lighting-Crystal-Fixture-Shipping/dp/B00NC5NT7Q/ref=lp_3736671_1_21?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1449230712&sr=1-21
Company: Jac D'Lights

10. Ceiling Lights:

Ceiling lights for certain spaces are the best possible and sensible option especially when  the room   is large and where warm, even lighting is required throughout its length.One such space is the house bar counter.

Ceiling LightsBuy: USL 900 Disk
Company: Flos

11. Terrace Lightings:

Terrace and balcony are two spaces within the house that connects us to the nature outside. Depending upon the season and climate, we all spend considerable time on terrace and at times even plan a open terrace dinner with our close ones. Since its not possible to have large and colossal light setting out there, we can choose minimalist lighting and make it grand for such times.

HDE Flameless electronic flicker candleHDE Flameless electronic flicker candle
Buy: https://www.amazon.com/Flameless-Electronic-Flicker-Candle-Light/dp/B001OK67M0
Company: HDE

These real looking Electronic Flicker candles are perfect for a candle light dinner with your soul mate- whether set for indoors or for a terrace arrangement.

12. Recessed Lights:

Recessed lights, also called downlights are lights that are fixed into the hollow space of the ceiling space. These are yet another versatile sets of lights which can be used in almost every area of the house- whether it is to give extra brightness to the  kitchen counter,  the stairs or to brighten the wall painting frames, recess lights are the perfect options.

Recessed light (COB)(model 110ACC)Buy: Recessed light (COB)(model 110ACC)
Company: Decon Lighting

13. Pendant Lamps:

Hanging lamp shade-orangeHanging lamp shade-orange
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/hanging-lamp-shade-pendant-lamp-orange/B018X8N14C/
Company: Spectrahut

Give a fresh look to your dining space with this stunning orange threaded lamp shade that will give an everlasting impression on your guests.

Inspired by Nature White and Black Modern and Decorative Hanging LampInspired by Nature White and Black Modern and Decorative Hanging Lamp
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/inspired-by-nature-white-and-black-modern-and/B015KQIRAS/
Company: Crafter
Cone Perforated Kulfi Model Pendant LampBuy Cone Perforated Kulfi Model Pendant Lamp
Company: Decon Lighting

A perfect lighting product for the coffee table in your kitchen counter.

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