Black and white interior design ideas- for the bold and sweet

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 7, 2016
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Black and White Interior Design Idea by Interior Designer Hameeda Sharma

Black signifies strength. White stands for softness. And the combination of both is exemplary.
It is then hard to understand why many of us  not even consider them as 'colours'. Infact, many a times, things in black and white bring out the best.

No matter how we bland we consider the combination, when done in perfect proportion, the charm can defeat the vibrance so called 'colours'.

To know how your home would look in black and white, read on.

Living Room:

Living Room Seating ArrangementLiving Room Seating Arrangement Designed by Interior Designer Dimple Kohli

A living room ought to be lively. While it is well known to everyone that generous use of various colours can accomplish that to a certain extent, what black and white can do is little known.

The living room shown here clarifies the myth that black and white is a boring combination.
The L shaped white sofa with black and metallic cushions coupled with a black and white ottoman coffee table gives a decent accent to the room. To give depth to the scene, the walls are painted in metallic shade of brown.


Black and White Interior DesignBlack and White Interior Design
Image source:

Wood can play a perfect companion for a black and white setting if applying other colours is not a viable option.

A medium sized bedroom as shown above is  a class apart with minimalist colour palette. The lustrous wood and glass amplifies the effect of light.

Black and white bedroom wall decorBlack and white bedroom wall decor
Image source:

This black and white bedroom looks colourful with the lovely backdrop. A simple, plush black and white bed lies in front of a floral forest. The decorated glass doors maintains the sleekness of the room.

Wall decors:

It can be hard to go for a complete black and white interiors for your room altogether. But adding an element or two will certainly not be a big deal.

There are plenty of options s open to you which can make your room look gorgeous with the classy black and white combination yet giving space for other colours too.

Black and white plates on wallBlack and white plates on wall
Image source:

As crockeries and plates make excellent wall decor elements.  A white wall can be adorned with black and white plates of different shapes and sizes  arranged in a dramatic fashion.

One side of your room flaunts the classy look of black and white and the other displays the richness of other colours.

Cozy decoration and interior designCozy decoration and interior design
Image source:

Another element that can go black and white is the photo frames.
A room dominated by red gets a befitting colour combination with black and white. The way the frames have been arranged at the corner, also contributes to contemporary look of the room.


Even if you see  no space left to add something of your favourite black and white combination, there is always room for one thing. The stairs. Stairs are something we provide space for.
So why not do them in black and white instead?

Floors and ceilings:

Black and White Stripes Interiors and Green ChairsBlack and White Stripes Interiors and Green Chairs
Image source:

If you are overwhelmed by the intensity of black and white on your furniture, look around. Look up. Look down. How could you ignore the floors and the ceilings? The unusual and unique  combination of colourful decor and black and white floors and ceilings can have tremendous effect in highlighting the room.

ceiling black white muralCeiling black white mural
Image source:

A simple hallway, painted white, gets a decorative ceiling with black floral designs

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