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Bohemian Decor Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Free, unconventional and apparently off the beat, the Bohemians are those who love to operate in the reverse gear. They are the ones with multidimensional perception of things and extraordinarily unique taste and liking. The ones who won't mind stepping out of their comfort zone and eventually being called as forerunners in their league.

Boho trend actually originated in the west and was gradually inflicted in Indian culture out of nowhere. And a bohemian decor is the one that pursues the different side of the road rather than stringing along a conventional decor concept. Though there is nothing out-of-the-box or unusual, but this decor adopts its own ideas and prefers mixing and matching anything that creates a mood- a mood that eulogizes a personality. Talking about the mood, there is enough of festivity, liveliness and spontaneity which is apparent in the way the things are inlaid. In a nutshell, Boho decor is a true reflection of a wandering soul that embraces all the vibrant things around to paint a beautiful picture. Also, Boho is different for two different individuals.

Unusual or Usual ?

Incorporating Boho or anything close to Boho might have never been your idea as it tends to contradict the elements of conformity or order. But at the same time you must be sick of your regular decor. There might be things that are incessantly begging for change. The aura needs a total renovation. Seems like its time now when you need to give a thought of adding some colors to your world.

Digging into it

Getting a boho home done is not about just stashing in things from different places. Though there is no thumb rule , here are the steps that would take you down

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Furniture- Boho is the new vintage

Don't let go of your vintage stuff. Bohemian is the new vintage. Despite giving away your old furniture, inculcate them in your decor. Carved furniture might look weird in modern homes but this is what Boho decor is all about- blending two things from extremely different universe. The decor need not be symmetrical- every furniture piece can be unique and must tell a story of its own. However, make sure that overall decor aspects are not distorted. Dark carved Victorian wood is an ideal choice. These days worn out and rustic stuff are in trend. Use these materials but you should know how to team them up with best upholstery and accessories in order to make a real Boho statement.

Fabric- mesmerize the aura with colors

When it comes to Boho decor, color takes all the cake. For upholstery go for single hued poppy fabric and team it up with florid cushions. The one with mirrors would just look good. If you wanna go off the beat, get the ones with portraits of revolutionary artists and singers embossed upon. Besides these, fabric

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oriental or Moroccan print would add a very boho touch to your interiors. Alternatively, if you want to keep the decor a little subdued, use neutral upholstery with a couple of flashy cushions.

Talking about the fabric material, silk and linen works well for curtains. The best part about Boho decor is that you can reuse your old fabric that has lost its charm. Well, there are a lot of people who would oppose this idea, but then, this is the way to infuse originality and reflect your mood if it is vintage.

Walls-your very own canvas :

Boho decor does not lay emphasis on anything. It's solely up to you how you want to see things. Paint the walls in the best hues that reflect your mood. Some of you may take help of the color chronology to identify what suits your personality while others would just like to touch up the walls with a theme that strikes a resemblance with their personalities. Spruce up the wall with anything that soothes your eye, but make sure that the feeling is not momentary. Also, the wall color should not look out of the place.

Decor accessories- anything that expresses your avant-garde style

Boho decor is not about just stashing in things from different parts of the world. It embraces things that speak of an individual's personality. Hence, before sprucing up the home with ethnic accents, ask yourself whether you really like it or not. Its all about experimenting with things and displaying them in glass cases as you like it. For e.g. One individual would regard seashells and beads as collectibles and would stack them in one of the drawers of their dresser. On the other hand, a different individual would not mind displaying them in the living room- either hanging along one or more chains that run from one corner of the room to other or simply having them stacked in one of those enormous see-through glass vases. Similarly, for paintings, display what inspires you- be it a modern art or a rebellious Boho singer.

To sum up, Bohemian decor is all about exposing the other shade of your personalty- the one that has remained concealed in the silhouette all this while. It's time now to let go all fears and express your inner self.

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