Bohemian Style Dining Room - Dine the Gypsy Way!

Bohemian Decor Dated:  Aug. 2, 2014
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Bohemian Style Dining Room

A young, restless and free-spirited soul finds bliss in a space that reflects vigor in every bit. It is relentlessly in a search of a Bohemian beauty that it adores to an extent- and the soul finds solace only when it's able to feel this “Boho-Charm” around! 

Now the question is – Where does this “Boho Charm” comes from? The answer is as simple as the question- from within. In other words Bohemian style decoration hasn't been derived from the usual button-downed theories rather it's a reflection of your own self- the things that you love and admire! 

When it comes to dining the free-spirited way, there is a plethora of ways you can set your own dining table. Your dining room can be a  melting pot of your own cultures, traditions and conventions – a collaboration of your timely keepsakes that you have collected throughout your transit to phenomenal places or things that were gifted by friends or stuff that have been passed on by your ancestors. All it requires is a potpourri of all such unconventional things at place. Nothing is set in stone. It's free, experimental and of all things “avant-garde”!

Scroll down for easy steps to set a bohemian style dining room-

Walls:  All the feel-good vibes come from what surrounds us! Walls envelop the entire area and admittedly, they are the first things the eyes bump into while scanning the entire room. You can create your own personal dining alcove depending on your thoughts, style and color ideas. 

Choose zesty colors like crimson pink, poppy yellow or royal blue as per on your theme. On the other hand, let the plain white walls steal the show with the art you admire- be it a portrait of a movie star you admire or simply a canvas popping with bright colors. Graffiti another option which may give a true imprint of what you love. Wayward and haphazard textures that serve as stimulating eye-tonics may be another choice!

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Furnishings:  Bohemian is an eclectic blend of Western and Indian. Traditional Iranian or Moroccan carpets would blend well in a bold backdrop. However if you have hardwood floors, simply keep them bare. Choice of curtains is all yours- provided that other things are kept subtle, try DIY. Traditional chunnis and sarees would express your persona quite well if your “Boho-Meter” is bent somewhat towards Indian level. 

The Dining Table and Accessories: We are almost there now. First thing first- Choose a dining table that meets your space and size requirements. Here again-material choices may differ. Since we all know that wood looks better any day, go for wooden ones right away. You may certainly like the disheveled ones if you cherish reality. Vintage rustic tables will do. 

Accessories bring all the pomp. Don't they? Vibrant tableware in turquoise blue making a circle around a lovely candelabra or coral dishes aligned amongst ultimate table-toppers would make several heads turn! Add centerpieces, napkins and table cloth for a more garnished version.

The Dining Cabinet: Vintage cabinets made up of rugged wood or crude with enough racks would do. However, make sure that the cabinets have glass door so that you can show off your prized China. Decorate the table-top with photo frames or simply line it up with your timely keepsakes or planters.  

Lighting Fixtures:  Now, once you have set the table, it's time to put the spotlight on! No, you don't need to put your money on massive crystal chandeliers. Since Boho is all about decorating it your way, do it yourself! Mason Jars are the cheapest  and easiest DIY lighting choices available. Either hang them up in a bunch or line them up in a row- both ways, they would do justice to your Bohemian Style Dining Room. Other than this, wall sconces would add drama to the walls. 

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