Book Review: Nesting in Nature - Sanjay Patil

Book Reviews Dated:  Oct. 14, 2016
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Book Review: Nesting in Nature Sanjay Patil

Published by BNCA Publication cell
Super Book House
Author: Minaz Ansari
Conceptualizer Creative Editor: Ritu Sharma

Price Rs. 3500

It’s a privilege to write about a recently published book of one of senior in Sir J.J. College of Architecture, who has been silently working on so variety of projects, which are nothing but a reflection of his own tranquil personality. The book carries foreword by eminent Architects Christopher Charles Benninger , Anurag Kashyap and Anand Mahindra, who have aptly delineated the in depth analysis of Sanjay’s varied ‘ landscape’ of works.

Book Review: Nesting in Nature Sanjay Patil

As the name itself suggests right from the beginning of his modest career, his projects started meandering in the pathways of nature…exploiting the available natural resources to the maximum, with minimum wastage of natural materials. The book portrays Sanjay’s simple human centric philosophy through his simplistic approach to the work; from small cottages to remodeling houses and interior design. His projects display the judicious use of local materials and craftsmanship, drawing him more to vernacular. The use of ‘courtyards’ is a special feature engaging the spaces surrounding it in conversation with each other. Long before the environment leaders started blowing their trumpet, Sanjay in a serene manner, blended seamlessly the environment into his designs, resulting in ‘sustainable’ structures.  Anand Mahindra, rightly puts it that his designs aspire for ‘Human happiness’! The works have been mapped in the book in a linear ‘Timeline’, intelligently delineated, displaying the gradual path of his progress and evolution as Architect. The visual content of his variety of works, is sprawled all over the glossy pages of the book, making it a visual treat soothing the eyes.

Both Ar. Minaz and Ar. Ritu Sharma have taken pain staking efforts in compiling and editing the various projects and more importantly to get Sanjay to get eloquent about his projects and elucidate the thought process and his perspective of looking at Architecture that ‘stimulates the mind and the soul’. Nature has been his teacher, friend, philosopher and guide. The various projects incorporated in the book, portray fine illustrations which capture the positive vibes which Sanjay has been able to radiate through his seemingly simplistic designs, but they convey more meaningful in depth message to the architectural fraternity and the society as a whole that how one should grow respecting nature and your surroundings.

His  journey thus encompasses influences from Vernacular Architecture, to Sustainable design..and steers also us to tread along the same path…

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